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Dressing Guide of Wholesale Baby Clothes in Summer

In the hot summer, many fashion-loving mothers buy a lot of clothes for their children so that the children can appear beautifully in front of everyone. However, dressing is all about dressing, and there are still many wholesale baby clothes in summer.

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When dressing your baby in summer, you should grasp the changes of seasons and weather, and the state that your baby feels most comfortable shall prevail. Remember not to let your baby get too hot. At the same time, you need to pay more attention to buying and washing clothes for babies. Next, let us share the baby’s dressing guide with you.

  1. The baby’s summer dressing principle:

    • Wear short-sleeved shorts more

      Children should wear loose, light, light-colored clothes. The material should be made of natural fibers, such as cotton clothes. Girls are best to wear sleeveless dresses. Boys are best to wear short sleeves or vests. Shorts are recommended for the lower body. Summer hats should wear a wide-brimmed cloth summer hat. It is best to choose sandals that can cover your toes.

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      Children are delicate and have poor ability to adapt to the environment. Many mothers worry that children are prone to respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. In fact, as long as the clothes can cover the chest and abdomen, it can ensure that the child is not susceptible to cold.

    • Change clothes frequently

      The baby’s sweat glands secrete very vigorously, coupled with his love of exercise, the baby is more likely to sweat in summer. If the sweaty clothes are not changed in time, it will cause a cold.

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      Therefore, baby clothes, sheets and pillow towels should be washed and changed frequently. As long as they are soiled by sweat, they should be replaced to avoid skin diseases such as dermatitis. In addition, many babies are prone to drooling, so pay more attention to changing clothes frequently.

    • Add or remove clothes according to the environment

      If there is a baby in the room, the temperature of the air conditioner is best adjusted to 26°C~28°C, not too low, and try to keep a certain temperature unchanged to prevent colds.

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      It is best to wear thin clothes that cover the chest and abdomen to prevent cold. If you must take your baby out, you should pay attention to adding or removing clothes because of the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

  2. How to dress your baby in summer

    • Hat

      The head of babies, especially babies, accounts for 1/4 of the total body length, so the proportion of the head is very large. The blood vessels of the head are richer, and there is no protection of subcutaneous fat, so there is a lot of heat dissipation. In summer, the sun is strong and irritates the baby’s eyes and skin, so it is very necessary to wear a hat for the baby.

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      Preparing a sun hat for your child can slow down the heat absorption speed and protect your baby’s eyes from direct sunlight. Parents are recommended to choose hats with light fabrics, colder and lighter colors, and large brims, such as sun hats, straw hats, fabric travel hats, etc. Such hats can reflect sunlight, reduce head heat, and shading Eye protection, ventilation and heatstroke prevention.

    • Clothes

      Let the baby penetrate the breathable and light-colored clothes. Don’t let your baby play shirtless, because the relative body surface area of the baby’s unit weight is larger than that of an adult, and the baby’s skin is thin and rich in blood vessels, which is more susceptible to external high temperature. Therefore, if the outside temperature is too high, not only the heat can not be dissipated, but the heat is absorbed instead.

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      Therefore, well-ventilated clothes can effectively act as a buffer and barrier between the baby’s body surface and the high temperature outside. When choosing clothes for your baby, you should choose clothes that are comfortable to wear. Cotton is the best because it is soft and comfortable, absorbs sweat, and is good for your baby’s physical and mental health. In addition, natural materials such as hemp, silk and kV are also good choices.

    • Shoes

      For younger babies, especially babies who are just learning to walk, parents must choose carefully when buying sandals. First of all, the laces on the heel of the sandals must be suitable. Because children love to run and jump, it is necessary to ensure that when the child runs and jumps. The shoelace on the heel of the shoe can hang so that the child’s feet will not slip out. Don’t buy sandals and slippers with no shoelaces on the heel. Otherwise the baby will easily get accidents when the shoes slip off when running and jumping.

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      The sole should not be too hard, you can fold the sole to see if the sole is soft. It’s not enough to see whether the center of the sole is easy to bend, but also to see whether the toe of the sole is easier to bend. The soles of moderate hardness can not only fit the baby’s feet, but also play a role in cushioning and protection.

  3. How to judge how much the baby wears?

    There are two methods, one is to touch the tip of the nose, and the other is to touch the limbs. As long as the tip of the nose and limbs are not cold to the touch, it means that you are properly dressed.

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    Generally speaking, since babies under 1 year old have relatively little exercise, the number of clothes to wear is similar to that of adults. Babies over 1-year-old are mostly active and sweat easily, so they should wear fewer clothes than adults.

    • Observe the posture:

      the baby’s body is not stretched when flexed, the head is retracted in the clothes or swaddle, and the physical activity is reduced, indicating that they feel cold.

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    • Take a look at your cheeks:

      your complexion is ruddy, which means you are properly dressed; if you wear less, your body temperature will decrease and your face will turn pale or bruised.

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    • Touch the nose:

      When the nose is warm when outdoors, the baby is not cold. On the contrary, it is a little bit cold, and clothes should be added.

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    • Touch the back of the neck:

      When touching, the temperature of the adult’s hand should not be too cold or too hot. If the temperature of your baby is similar to the temperature of your hands, the room temperature is suitable.

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  4. In the end, what color clothes are the most sun-proof?

    Studies have found that the lighter the clothes, the worse the ability to block ultraviolet rays; while the bright and bright clothes such as orange, pink-purple, and fluorescent green have a stronger ability to block ultraviolet rays. In addition, dark clothes such as black and dark blue have ideal sun protection.

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    Among all the light waves, red light has the longest light wave. It can absorb a lot of ultraviolet rays in the sun, while other colors are relatively weak. Therefore, the baby wears red clothes in summer to prevent ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn. Rather than as most people think. summer wear white clothes for your baby to make it more breathable. If you wear a sun hat, it will be more protective.

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What I shared above is the dressing guide for summer babies. Understand how to dress your baby in the summer, are you still wondering where to buy clothes? You can listen to our wholesale baby clothes that I recommend for you next. We can guarantee the high quality of our wholesale baby clothes, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. We welcome you to browse our wholesale baby clothes products. If you encounter a product you are interested in, buy it now!

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