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Dry Cleaning VS Laundry

It is not uncommon to hear people interchange the terms of dry cleaning and laundry often. Both terms are entirely different, although they both relate to cleaning clothes. Each process has its use, and knowing the difference will help you determine when to use which.

Here is a comparison between dry-cleaning in London and laundry which will show the difference between them both;

·        One uses water and the other does not.

It is quite easy to use name implications to figure out which process does not use water. You guessed it right – dry cleaning. The dry cleaning process involves using chemicals that are safe to eliminate stains from fabric. Dobi layan diri would involve soaking the fabric in water and detergent or soap to get rid of the stain.

Due to their differences, dry cleaning is a more effective process for eliminating stains from grease, oil, and other deep stains. Laundry would easily remove light stains from sweat, dust and dirt. If you are hoping to get a deep stain off, dry cleaning is what you need.

·        Method of drying

The method of drying after using these two processes is another distinguishing factor. In laundry, the water is wrung out of the wet cloth when it is spinning in the dryer. For dry cleaning, however, a special machine is used to dry the cloth.

While conventional laundry might cause your clothes to suffer some stretches and shrinkage from all that squeezing, dry cleaning will keep your clothes in perfect shape, as the machine used for drying does not allow for mishandling.

Note that your clothes can be straightened out after laundry, with an iron, and still get back in perfect shape. However, if you are in urgent need of a neat shirt, then dry cleaning will be the fastest and most convenient choice to make.

·        Damage control

Some fabrics that are made of high-quality materials can sustain damages through frequent cleaning with water—fabrics like wool, cashmere, and leather fall under this category. Also, some materials will fade and lose colour during laundry. Only professional dobi near petaling jaya can handle the delicate clothes well.

If you want to clean fabrics like this, the best method would be dry cleaning. You can easily protect the fabric of your expensive material and increase its durability by using the dry cleaning method. If you want your cloth to keep looking new, straight and retain its colour, then dry cleaning is the best method to use. Also, you can save a lot of money by ensuring the durability of your clothes.

Both cleaning methods are very effective, but each has its use. By knowing the most suitable method for your clothes, you can make the best decision. Usually, some clothes come with tags which indicate the best cleaning method to be used on them. Regardless, dry cleaning is the safest method to use.

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