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Email Verification: What are the best tool for Email Verification?

The best email verification tools to clean your email list fast

Email verification tools browse your email list and use various checks to remove invalid or threatening emails. The result is a higher deliverability rate than before and the protection of your email server’s reputation.

Here are seven email verification tools you can use to remove bad apples from your email list.

The best email verification tools to clean your email list fast


ZeroBounce is a popular email verification tool used by such major corporations as TripAdvisor, Allstate, and Comodo. It has many verification methods along with numerous combinations.

ZeroBounce checks for spam traps, emails that return hard bounces, and addresses that mark emails as spam at competitive rates. It also eliminates fake and misspelled email addresses.

What are ZeroBounce’s most essential features?

  • Bulk Email List Verification – Upload your entire list for processing.
  • Single Email Verification – Verify emails you feel may be invalid one by one.
  • Real-Time Verification API – Integrate ZeroBounce’s verification API with your site’s forms to prevent threatening emails from being added to your list in the first place.
  • Essential Customer Data – ZeroBounce appends critical data to valid email addresses on your list. This data may include things like your subscriber’s name, gender, geolocation, and more.
  • Integrations – ZeroBounce integrates with popular email providers and services seamlessly. You can incorporate even more when you connect the tool to Zapier.


When we talk about best email verification tool, Mailfloss is a simple email verification tool that integrates with many email marketing service providers and allows you to verify your email list in bulk.

Mailfloss will help you to automate the email verification process and you can do your business easily. It supports a wide variety of email providers such as MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, Sendinblue, Mailerlite, and more. detects invalid addresses, temporary emails, duplicate emails, and spam traps. It also removes emails with hard bounces and validates syntax errors.

What are some of Mailfloss’s best features?

  • Bulk Email List Verification – Connect your email marketing service provider or upload your list via CSV file, and let the tool take care of the cleaning process for you.
  • Automatic Daily Cleanups – Automatic cleans up your email list daily for email marketing services you connect to the tool.
  • Whitelist/Blacklist Options – Fine-tune the tool’s cleaning process by setting up your whitelist and blacklist options.
  • Control Deleted Emails – Choose which emails get deleted or unsubscribed from your list. This prevents the tool from removing emails you know are valid.
  • Integrations – connects with an extensive list of email marketing service providers directly. You can connect even more platforms through Zapier.

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EmailListVerify is a popular email verification tool used by some of the biggest business names, including MailChimp, Shopify, and Rackspace. They’ve scanned over 5 billion email addresses during their time in business.

EmailListVerify performs a variety of different checks to pinpoint and remove invalid email addresses from your list. Emails connected to weak, inactive or parked accounts are removed, as are temporary and duplicate emails.

The tool also checks for spam traps, syntax errors, and emails with hard bounce rates.

What does EmailListVerify offer?

  • Bulk Email List Verification – Upload your list in various ways and receive a clean list back with a deliverability rate of over 99%. Single email verifications are available as well.
  • Email Verification API – Adding this API to registration, opt-in, and contact forms on your website eliminate invalid email addresses in real-time by blocking form submissions unless the user inputs a valid email address. You can copy and paste a few lines of code or implement the API on your own if you’re a developer.
  • Integrations – Integrates with most major email marketing platforms. However, you can always upload your list via a CSV, XLS, XLSX, or TXT file if your venue isn’t on the list.


Clearout detects threatening emails in several ways. It removes duplicate emails, the dots from emails, temporary emails, and sub-accounts. It also identifies and removes spam traps, emails with hard bounces, and emails from blacklisted domains.

What does Clearout have to offer?

  • Bulk Email List Verifications – Upload lists of up to 1 million emails at a time for bulk verifications.
  • Instant Email Verifications – These work similarly to single email verifications in that they allow you to verify a small number of emails quickly.
  • REST API – Clearout utilizes the REST API to allow developers to add its API to forms for real-time verifications.
  • Lead Finder – Clearout pinpoints critical pieces of data from your subscribers’ email addresses well enough to create a separate list of potential B2B leads for outreach strategies.
  • Integrations – Clearout integrates with a small handful of email marketing services. Fortunately, its integration with Zapier can help fill in the gaps. Plus, you can export a copy of your list and upload it.

The above mention are some email verification tools; however, it is best to go with an experienced Email Marketing Service provider who can help you to manage your email marketing services.


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