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5 Critical iPhone 11 Issues and their Troubleshooting Solutions

iPhone 11 is envisioned to be the best iOS product. Since its inception, millions have bought this device for its incredible functionality. This iOS 13 device, with its standout features, can improve the user’s experience. iPhone 11’s dual-lens camera and 6.1-inch screen have received massive appreciation. However, even its water and dust-resistant screen might break after an accidental drop, get your iPhone Repair.

Even iPhone users experienced critical screen glitches after using it for one-two year. Moreover, the iPhone 11 users have reported a few more software issues. Many have faced audio issues after the latest iPhone 11 update. This sort of iPhone errors can be resolved without any technical support. But, if the damaged audio port is the reason behind this issue, fix it with an expert’s help.

Here are a few more iPhone 11 issues and the possible solutions to fix them:

1.Issues in the Face ID Feature

Apple introduced the Face ID feature in the iPhone 11 models. It helps the users to unlock their phone even while wearing a mask. This security feature also aids in making online payments. Moreover, the users can sign in to the third-party apps using Face ID. This feature uses a set of sensors to detect the iPhone 11 user’s face. But, sometimes, these sensors stop working. And, this makes it difficult to unlock the iPhone. 

Don’t contact the iPhone 11 repair Dubai expert in the first place. There are various ways to fix this Face ID issue. Sometimes, this iPhone error occurs for disabling the Face ID feature. Thus, ensure this security feature is enabled in the iPhone 11. To do that, first, go to the iPhone 11 settings. Then, move to the ‘Face ID & Passcode” option and tick the checkbox. 

This face detection feature won’t work in a dark environment. Thus, make sure there is enough light in the room so that cameras can detect the face. Keep the face close to the iPhone 11 camera while unlocking the device. Clean the fingerprint stains as well from the device’s Truedepth camera. Remove the dirt, dust and debris from the iPhone’s camera to solve this problem.

2.Mobile Data Connection Problem

Many iPhone users prefer using cellular data over Wi-Fi connections. Because this data connection is more secure than wireless networks. Even the risk of a data breach is lower in cellular data, as this connection is encrypted. Though, the iPhone 11 users can access the mobile data conveniently. But, sometimes, you might face issues while using the internet, even when the mobile data is on. Usually, this occurs when the mobile data plan expires. 

Renew the mobile data plan to avoid further inconvenience. But, if the data connection error persists, restart the device. Sometimes, this solution helps to fix the iPhone 11’s connectivity issues. Make sure to disable the Airplane Mode option. 

Did you update the iPhone’s OS from iOS 13 to iOS 15? Then, change the connection type to eliminate this iPhone 11 issue. To do that, move to the iPhone 11’s Settings menu and then choose “Cellular”.

Now, tap on the “Cellular Data Options” and select “Voice & Data”. Can you see the “LTE” option from the network mode list? Toggle off this option, and then switch to a 3G connection. Wait for at least 10-15 seconds, and then toggle on the “LTE” connection again. And, if this didn’t solve the error, contact an iPhone 11 repair Dubai expert immediately.

3.Wireless Charging Issues

iPhone 11 comes with Qi-certified wireless chargers. These devices can power up this iOS device within 5-6 hours. Even these chargers last longer than the wired ones. Though, this iPhone charger offers super-fast and efficient charging. But, many iPhone 11 users faced issues with these wireless devices. 

Some users reported that the Qi wireless charger could not detect the iPhone. Even many experienced overheating issues in the iPhone charger. Did the wireless charger take an amount of time to charge? Or, not charging at all? Replace the charger from an iPhone repair Dubai center. 

Additionally, you can restart the device to overcome this charging problem. Outdated OS can lead to this issue in the iPhone 11 models. Thus, update the iOS to avoid compatibility issues. Remove the iPhone case while charging it. Malfunctioned wireless chargers can often cause this problem. So, buy a new Qi-certified charger that will be apt with the iPhone. 

4.Screen-related Issues

Apple included a Liquid Retina HD display in the iPhone 11 models. These devices are equipped with a durable Gorilla Glass 6 screen. Besides, this iPhone has a super-responsive touchscreen. But, the iPhone 11 screen can stop responding after unlocking the device.

Apple claimed that this error occurs for the defective display module. And, this screen issue is more likely to be noticed in the iPhones that were manufactured in May 2020. If you are facing an identical issue, hire an iPhone screen replacement Dubai expert.

How to Prevent iPhone 11’s Screen Flickering Issues?

Many faced random screen flickering issues in the iPhone 11 Pro. It usually occurs when there is not sufficient space in the device. Thus, removing the unwanted files and apps can solve this screen error. Turn off the “Auto-Brightness” option, it can cause the screen to flicker. 

Enable the “Reduce Transparency” option to get rid of this issue. Furthermore, you should force restart the device to fix the screen flickering error. A defective iPhone screen can be a potential reason behind this error. So, replace it with the help of an iPhone screen replacement Dubai expert. 

5.Overheating Issues

Overheating is the major issue faced by many iPhone 11 users after the system update. Even some face this problem while using third-party GPS trackers. Avoid using such an application to prevent this critical iPhone 11 issue. Remove the case when the device starts to generate excessive heat. Don’t plugin the iPhone with the charger for a prolonged period, that causes overheating issues and can also damage the iPhone battery.

Besides, the users need to check the number of apps running in the background. Resetting the iPhone 11 to its factory settings can fix this issue. But, before using this method, take a backup of the essential data. Then, go to the device’s settings and tap on “General” and select “Reset”. Now, enter the passcode to continue the resetting process.

But, if this solution didn’t work, disable the Bluetooth connection. The iPhone users also need to disable the AirDrop application. Enable the “Low Power Mode” option from the “Battery” section. Reduce the CPU usage to prevent the iPhone 11 from overheating. Update the iOS apps from the App Store. And, if the device still overheats, contact an experienced expert for instant recovery.

Are there any other iPhone 11 Issues and How to Prevent Them?

iPhone 11 owners show up problems while connecting peripherals with Bluetooth – This can take place for an outdated iOS. Update the iPhone 11’s software in the first place. Keep the Bluetooth accessory near to the iPhone to avoid further interference. 

Are you getting the “storage is full” message even when there’s enough space? Go to the “Settings”, select “App Store” and tap on “Offload Unused Apps” to fix this issue. And, for more effective solutions, contact an iPhone repair Dubai expert.

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