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Enjoy cocktail at Mediterranean restaurant in Rhode Island

Mediterranean restaurant in Rhode Island

The word cocktail is maybe or maybe not new to you. The Mediterranean restaurant in Rhode Island serves various cocktails with delicious flavors. In the western world or mostly in the European countries cocktail is considered to be one of the essentials and just like a staple of a night club.  The cocktail is an alcohol-based drink that is making by combining the spirits either one or more. Shades for making a cocktail is usually mixed with the fruit’s juices, some flavor-based syrups, or creamy mixtures.  

Types of cocktail 

There are many types of cocktails. The name of the cocktail exactly depends on the ingredients used. However, the historical value of the word cocktail is controversial and still under debate. From the earliest to almost mid-2000 cocktail culture has risen drastically. Cocktails have got variation in the mixtures. Some traditional cocktails are mixing with novel ingredients. However, with the passage of time evolution in the variety of cocktails is much considerable and exciting as well.

Mediterranean restaurant in Rhode Island for cocktail:

However, if you are in Rhode Island and looking for some excellent and perfect cocktails that suit best to your taste is in the river social.  River social is a Mediterranean food house restaurant within the location of providence and an ideal cocktail point.  This restaurant offers you high-quality after-dinner drinks and cocktails.

This is the only restaurant that is known for the best available cocktails in the providence and beautiful location. Along with the availability of cocktails in the providence river, social is also known for the best menu. A unique handcrafted cocktail bar and fantastic food platters are available at this Mediterranean restaurant. Therefore,  In the providence Area River social is a unique and exciting dining in an option.

Some benefits 

However, beyond any other reason to have a cocktail in the providence cocktail has many other benefits such as cocktails offered in the providence are

Low-calorie drinks

  1. These cocktails are rich in vitamin C.
  2. Spirits used have excellent medicinal properties. 
  3. Mixers also have medicinal effects.
  4. Bitter compounds are also rich in medicinal effects.
  5. Cocktails in providence are enriching with innovation, uniqueness, and alcohol.

But hold on. Many questions are still there that no matter how trustworthy a restaurant is, do you think that cocktail is healthy for you.  The calorie count is not only the reason to decide on that what is beneficial for you and what is unhealthy.  Always consider the nutritional value, amount of sugar additives, antioxidant content, and mediational effects as well.

Cocktails in river social 

 Dome basic cocktails available in the river social are


Salted Caramel vodka, chocolate liqueur, dark crème de cacao.

  1. PB&J

Screwball peanut butter whiskey, raspberry liqueur, chocolate liqueur


Ask your server for selection

Cocktail in providence is one of the best experiences if you have it at the river social.  But don’t drink too much. On a serious note, you will enjoy the drink, but it’s advice that never drinks too many cocktails because an excess of everything is terrible.

At river social drinking is one of the best pleasures activity for you. Drink slowly to enjoy every single sip.  If you are not enjoying the cocktail than merely it’s not a good experience for you and more straightforward it would not be wrong to say that it’s just a repetitive drinking activity with no pleasure and enjoyment at all.


If you are looking for some Mediterranean restaurant in Rhode Island and cocktail bars near the place just pay a visit to the river social at your earliest. Therefore, the best menu and best cocktail drinks are available that you will never regret ever in your life.





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