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Enjoy Exquisite Dishes Whenever you Come for Hi-Tea in Lahore

The “afternoon tea” is prepared in the same manner as a breakfast tea, but it is served between four and five p.m. and is celebrated rather than consumed. Of course, a few small delicacies that satisfy the afternoon hunger should not overlook. The afternoon table should include the three-course Sweety menu, which includes various sandwiches, including one with thinly sliced cucumbers, scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, and finally some biscuits, and sweet cakes, or pastries. Everything is cut to fit the mouth and does not require cutlery.

Hi-tea in Lahore was always reserved for the wealthy and was enjoyed in comfortable armchairs, at low tables, in smart clothes, and in good company. Hi-tea is considering a dinner rather than a snack between meals by the working-class society. Workers could only enjoy a cup of good, strong tea after work, and because it was already evening and they want to come home immediately from work hungry, hearty food was served alongside it, if you go to the restaurant straight from your workplace.

What is the source of the hi-tea?

When you think of having hi-tea in Lahore, you think of various delicious dishes and tea. Originally, the Hi-Tea dishes enjoy in the afternoon. People ate only twice a day in the Nineteenth century. Brunch in the late morning, and dinner (late) in the evening. Many people were offended, including a British duchess who ate a variety of delicious snacks with tea at the end of the afternoon. Other noble families quickly followed suit. Finally, the working class enjoy this kind of meal very much, and sat on high stools or stood up. A luxurious meal for the delectable afternoon hunger.

What is a hi-tea, exactly?

Hi-tea in Lahore is a traditional afternoon tea served with various delicacies and tea. Sweet appetisers, chocolates, and cakes are served alongside savoury baked goods, small sandwiches, and other spicy dishes. Nowadays, however, there are an increasing number of variants that use nice juices to give the high tea a slightly different sparkling character. Fruit juices or smoothies are also a delicious addition to hi-tea.

Because hi-tea serves a variety of small snacks, it serves an exquisite range of dishes. These are serving plates in a unique holder that stacks the plates in the shape of a tower.

Which crockery should you use with hi-tea?

You probably think of old-fashioned floral teacups when you think of a lavish hi-tea in Lahore. You can, of course, choose a genuine antique tea service, but there are also less expensive alternatives in the restaurant’s service collections. We have a variety of other collections in addition to several beautiful flower and plant collections. From cheerfully dotted to cute hearts, and from Christmas to Easter crockery, there is something for everyone.

There are also candy dishes, water jugs, storage jars, serving bowls, and the cutest kitchen textiles. If you don’t like floral porcelain, the restaurant also has a variety of glass and ceramic tableware. There’s always something nice in store for you!

What you can serve at hi-tea?

You can serve a variety of small snacks with a hi-tea. Of course, you can begin with your baked goods! The important thing is that you can create a pleasant afternoon in which you can completely lose yourself in company and delicacies. The main thing is that it tastes good, whether sweet or savoury!

Hi-tea in Lahore is also a combination of fresh tea, such as mint or fruit tea. However, blossom tea is also a delectable addition to “normal tea.” We have our absolute tea recommendation with a magical touch that will steal the show from your hi-tea further down in this article!

What do you require for Hi-Tea Time?

Sandwich corners: 

Sandwich corners belong on the table for the little hungry. Take classic white toast without toasting it. Ideally, the edges should remove. The toast fills with chicken spread or thin slices of cucumber. Cut the toast diagonally in half again to make the appetisers bite-sized and to avoid disappointment at tea time.

Scones with jam and clotted cream:

Scones are popular. The pastry is a must-have at any high-tea. You can come to the restaurant without much effort and make delicious and authentic scones. After that, the scones are cut in half like a bun. To complete the experience, freshly baked scones are spread with delectable clotted cream a cream made from raw cow’s milk. The clotted cream is the foundation for the jam. Choose between ginger jam, lemon curd, and orange marmalade. Spread the jam of your choice on the scones halves.

Sweets & Chocolates: 

Hi-tea in Lahore pairs with delectable macarons and chocolates. Special Macarons with Fine Cream not only look beautiful with their vibrant colours, but they also taste light and airy. And the delectable pastries and cakes, which come in a variety of flavours, also stand for craftsmanship. They look especially lovely next to the macarons, with their lovely and loving decoration.

Various types of cakes:

When you go to a proper hi-tea at any restaurant, there is always a final sweet course on top of the pastry stand. Some afternoon tea items bring out a cake trolley and cut a slice for you at the table, whereas others offer a selection of one or two cakes to enjoy as a final treat before you leave. Chocolate and other flavour cake recipes are ideal for serving with hi-tea.

Hi-Tea Snacks at Their Finest

Want to know which snack to order when you come for hi-tea in Lahore? Traditional hi-tea can inspire. Simple finger sandwiches with fresh bread, light creamy cheese or avocado, and BBQ, for example, are a great choice, especially with tea. Fruit salads, chana chaat, and fruit cake complement your palate.

Instead of scones with jam, stir a teaspoon of jam into your tea. Choose a jam that complements the flavour of your tea. Cinnamon buns are an excellent dessert to pair with spicy chai lattes. Simple tea cookies go well with black tea and milk. Lemon cakes and cookies go well together. If you enjoy nuts, green tea with mint could be an excellent choice.

That is how hi-tea works

To celebrate a hi-tea, you’ll need a good black tea. There are not only professional tips in the tea trade, but also opportunities to try them out. Furthermore, if necessary, the restaurants frequently provide a suitable tea service.

A cake stand and plates are also appropriate for the table. Because appetisers traditionally eat with their fingers, there is no need for cutlery.

Sandwiches: The sandwiches fill to your liking. Cucumber and cream cheese, salmon and cream cheese, and egg and cress are the three classics. 6-8 slices of white bread are spread with cream cheese, then topped, folded up, and cut into bite-sized pieces. You can also remove the bread’s crust if desired.

Scones: Scones serves with clotted cream, a thick cream made from raw cow’s milk, and jam.

Sweets: Afternoon tea concludes with culinary delights. It’s wonderful that we can indulge our senses here. Everything is permitted, including cake, muffins, and brownies.

So you, too, can host a traditional Hi-Tea

Hi-tea in Lahore is gaining popularity among the people on the mainland and has now become a real trend. Smaller establishments can also inspire guests with an authentically staged afternoon tea, which is not only celebrated in top hotels.

How do you put on a traditional afternoon tea?

When done correctly, afternoon tea becomes a true guest magnet! Many guests are willing to travel long distances to experience true hi-tea. This includes fine porcelain, heavy cutlery, and the appropriate atmosphere. Hi-tea in Lahore is available in specially designed restaurants and the lobby.

Service is especially important: the staff should be familiar with the various types of tea available and should be able to advise guests on their selection.


If tea is becoming more popular as an after-work drink, it’s time to pay attention to this trend. Afternoon tea established itself as a modern version of the tea party in our daily lives. That’s not surprising given that, historically, bars and cafés were not places where people gathered. So you reoriented yourself and settled into your new surroundings. However, the increase in tea consumption over the last year reflects not only the time spent in restaurants but also the desire for relaxation. Three courses are available: Sandwiches are served first, followed by the famous scones with clotted cream and jam, and finally some cake or chocolate. Doesn’t it sound appealing? You must try this whenever you go to a restaurant. There is a set menu sequence for tea time. Sandwiches serve first. These serve as triangles or in strips. Then bark will remove. The sandwiches customize in a variety of ways, including cream cheese, smoked salmon, vegetables, and cheese. Scones with whipped cream and jam serve after the sandwiches. Finally, there are some sweet treats. A daily afternoon tea, as is customary in many top hotels around the world, takes time to plan and execute. Tea time is thus a good idea for cafés and smaller hotels to organise as an event. It not only inspires regular guests, but it also attracts new guests to the restaurant on a weekly or monthly basis!

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