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Everything To Know About Bamboo Flooring

The flooring material that is used by the homeowners depends upon their choice and its benefits and drawbacks. Bamboo is a much popular material for floors and is also natural and attractive. It is a material that adds value to the home. The bamboo that is used for floors is similar to wood flooring as it can be refinished in similar manner. It is as hard as hardwood and also has the characteristic of water resistance. The owners’ who prefer natural and renewable resource would opt for bamboo for floors.

Here Are Some Reasons To Choose Bamboo Flooring


1. Availability Of Bamboo Is Wide

The availability of bamboo is widespread nowadays. This is an effect of green movement as it used to be quite difficult to find eco-friendly products due to huge demand for bamboo; the use of bamboo flooring is also increasing accordingly. You can find them both in stores as well as online.

2. Bamboo Has Unique Beauty

Bamboo flooring is more in demand because the bamboo stalks that are used make the floor look more attractive. This is what is unique about bamboos and this is obviously a timeless material. Hence it is known that the floors will look as attractive even after fifteen years of installation.

3. Known For Style And Versatility

When one considers installing floors, they look for style and its use. Bamboo flooring in this matter is the best option as it is found in a wide range of colours. You can choose any style and you will find it in both hand scraped and engineered planks. The uniqueness is seen when it has the marbling effect with typical strand woven bamboo floors. It is not only stylish but also versatile. It is found in myriad shades and grains and so it easily matches with the existing furnished decor of the house. You can install bamboo flooring in the entire house as it is available in large selection of bamboo planks.


4. Highly Durable And Affordable

The use of bamboo as floors is a great choice due to its durability. You will feel good even if you have installed in areas that has high traffic. The strand woven bamboo is known to have hardness that is almost three times harder than oak. The manufacturers guarantee the consumers for bamboo flooring for about twenty five years because it is extremely strong and durable. It is also a great choice because it is highly affordable unlike traditional hardwood you need to spend about half the price for both long and wide planks.

5. Installation Of Bamboo Is Very Convenient

The installation of bamboo flooring is not only within your budget but also very easy. The floating floor method that is used does not take more than a weekend to install. You can even install it on your own following the manufacturer’s recommendation procedure. This can be cheaper than hiring a professional.

6. It Is Eco-friendly

When compared to other types of wood it is concluded that the bamboo is more sustainable and eco-friendly. This is because it is highly renewable resource that matures in between three to five years. The harvesting of bamboo does not require replanting as the growth continues with the root. Therefore it is a preferred option for the homeowners especially for those who are very much environment conscious.

The popularity of bamboo is growing rapidly especially as flooring option mainly due to its similarities with hardwood. It is chosen not only for its stylish look but also due to the affordability factor of the material. Ultimately, if you have decided to invest in home improvement project, then the use of bamboo for floors is the most contemporary option.

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