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Everything You Should Know About Solar Energy

The Sun is a potent energy source, and the sunlight is undoubtedly the largest source of energy that we have received. Still, its intensity at the Earth’s surface is relatively low because of the enormous radiation spreading from the distant Sun. 

Nevertheless, this energy from the Sun can produce electricity via some chemical reactions. 

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar power is usually harnessed using solar photovoltaic technology, which converts solar energy into electricity. When the sun rays hit the semiconductor within the photovoltaic cell, the electrons from the semiconductor are freed, and bars collect the running electrons, which results in electric current. 

The current and voltage produced in the solar panel are in the form of a Direct Current. Still, most appliances operate using Alternate Current, so we need to connect the panels to an inverter to convert the current. You can find the most efficient solar options from solar batteries brisbane.

What Are The Different Variants Of Solar Power Systems Available?

There are mainly three types of the solar system that are used :

  • On-grid solar power system or Grid-interactive system: It reduces your electricity bill. Its working mechanism includes feeding the excess electricity produced by solar energy into the main-grid system with low house electricity consumption. It enables people to save on electricity bills. 
  • Off-grid solar power system or Standalone system: This system is also used as a backup for someone against power cuts and those who don’t have electricity or a grid present. Apart from that, someone can use this to generate green energy. The energy produced by the solar panel is stored in the batteries that are connected to the system. 
  • Hybrid Solar System: It combines both on-grid and off-grid solar systems. Whenever the electricity consumption of the house is lower than the energy generated from the solar system, the excess energy is stored in the battery. When the electricity consumption of the house is more than the production of solar energy, then the electricity is used from the battery. 

What Are The Different Solar Appliances? 

Now, let’s discuss some of the appliances that utilize solar energy. You can find all of these appliances on the website of UV Power

  • Solar inverters-This is a device used to convert the direct current produced by the solar panel into an alternating current. It is one of the critical components of a solar system, and it is known as the “brain of the solar system.”
  • Solar panels- As we discussed before, solar panels convert solar energy into direct electricity.
  • Solar batteries- These are used in the solar system to store the produced solar electricity and then utilize the stored energy as required. 
  • Solar chargers- Solar cell phone chargers use solar panels to charge the cell phone batteries. One can also use it to charge vehicle batteries. 
  • Solar lamps- These are an excellent option to replace other light sources like candles or kerosene lamps. They are composed of a LED lamp, solar panel, battery, and charger controller. 


If you are in Brisbane and planning to install solar power, solar in Brisbane is the best option. Therefore, wait no more, go for the best!

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