Find Out Why Your Car Paint Fades & Get Tips to Prevent it

Find Out Why Your Car Paint Fades & Get Tips to Prevent it

Whenever we buy a new vehicle, we are very vigilant because our entire income is invested. We try to keep our car glowing from outside and inside. Many times, we waste even a lot of money on this, and nothing is achieved then. Let us tell you today how to protect the car paint. The first thing you need to do is save the exterior color of the vehicle so that it does not look ugly. And the car remains new. Learn here how to protect the exterior paint of your darling car.

Beware of Mosquitoes or Insects

While driving the car, many times, mosquitoes or insects die after hitting it. These insects can spoil the paint. To avoid this, insects should be separated from the body as soon as possible. Also, with a bug or tar remover, be cleaned by applying grease with a cotton cloth’s use.

Oil spilled on the fuel tank

Most vehicle owners do get the fuel tank filled at least once a month. We are not intelligent that the fall of oil while filling it harms the exterior paint. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it becomes blemish, which causes the car’s outer glow to fade.

So, whenever you get oil-filled, wipe it around the tank with a cotton cloth. The sooner you brush, the less the chances of getting stained. Expert help can also be taken if there is more damage due to an oil spill.

Dusty soil or pollution

Due to air pollution, ash starts accumulating on the vehicle. Most people believe in washing it with water which is harmful to the paint of the car. Whenever you park the car, cover it well. If there is still dust, then wipe it with a clean cloth. If the outer layer of the vehicle is dirty, the vehicle should not be washed with water.

Sun Protection

Do not park the car in sunlight to protect the car paint. The paint of the vehicle becomes dim due to sunlight and seems less attractive to see. UV rays damage outside of that the damage to your car paint fade or wood or things that would add to the speed paint damage. If your car is not put in the garage, it is susceptible to UV damage. So, much more than someone’s vehicle that is in the garage. If you drive your car to work and park out in the Sun, your car is exposed to UV damage. If you have no protection on your car, what I mean by that is. Once your car has so much damage from the Sunlight. You will notice that the clear coat, which is the clearer shiny stuff on top of your paint, will start to break down.

Use of PPF (Paint Protection Film)

There are many solutions available in the market for the protection of your car’s color paint. One of which is PPF. PPF means Paint Protection Film. It will protect the color of your car for years and years. It will also cure itself of scratch.

PPF should be done by every vehicle owner, who loves their car, consider it as an investment because after spending 10-12 lakhs, everyone wants their car to be safe. If seen, the cost of installing PPF per panel is as much as the cost of painting per panel. For example, if you scratch the car door and get it repainted from the showroom, it will cost as much as the PPF used to install it. Even if there is a scratch after that, the PPF will withstand that and keep the original paint safe. The remarkable thing is that if the PPF is applied to the dark color, then it increases its shining by two to three times.

Apply Wax Paint on your Car

If you do not apply wax, you know every single time that you wash your car. But it would help if you were using wax once or twice a year. Now, the resin will protect the paint of your car from fading and, from you know, changing the tones of the cut of the paint color. After applying the wax, you can wash the car, just wax. It is relatively cheap, inexpensive, and easy to apply, and you can use and do it yourself. It would help if you had a couple of easy tools with good instructions. Please make sure the wax, the paint of your car protects it from the sun.

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Be careful where you park your car.

If you want to protect your car from the paint fading. You must park your car in shades and carports. If you have a choice between parking in the Sun and parking in the covered area. If you park your car in the metal carports, metal garages will automatically reduce your car’s chances of getting damaged by the Sun and other elements, both the exterior and the interior. These metal buildings give you the most protection tip if you park your car in the metal sheds.

Road salt

Road salt is generally used to melt ice and snow on the roads. It is probably the worst thing that can get attached to your car. Because it the worst thing for corrosion eats away at the metal and makes itself go straight into the raw metals of the body panels and wheels. If you want to protect your car from road salts, you can wash your car every week in the winter without fail. Do not let your car in the worst stage.

Bird Poop

Bird Poop can damage your car paint, if you do not remove it on the same day, it will destroy your car glow. The bird poop contains Uric acid and rock. It will create a permanent mark on the car. How you protect with some steps to get rid of.

  1. Clean the bird pooped area
  2. Apply Wet dirt with 3K grit sandpaper
  3. Wash the Sanded area
  4. Use polishing Synthesis to return back the shine, do double for better result

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