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Food And Drinks To Whiten Your Teeth

Discoloration of teeth occurs when the enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, gets stained. There are many ways of whitening your teeth, such as whitening gels, toothpaste, or strips or opting for professional teeth bleaching. Having foods and drinks that help whiten your teeth are safer methods as they act as natural remedies. 

You can seek professional help for whitening your teeth from the likes of Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry or try whitening your teeth at home by having these few foods listed below, which are quite inexpensive. Thus, here are a few foods and drinks that will help you whiten your teeth:

Green Leafy Vegetables:

Folic acid or Vitamin B9 is a compound necessary for cell growth and repair. It is found abundantly in green and leafy vegetables like kale, romaine lettuce, and spinach. They not only help in maintaining your teeth but also help to reduce inflammation of the gums. They also make your teeth more resistant to plaque buildup and bacterial growth.


Most toothpaste contains malic acid that acts as a natural astringent. An astringent is a substance used in dental care to remove plaque, tighten gums, and cleanse teeth. It is found in high quantities in strawberries. You should brush your teeth at least 30 mins after having strawberries as they are also rich in citric acid that can erode the enamel. If you’re a bit confused, the dentists in worcester ma can help give you further tips on how to use strawberries for your teeth.


You probably already knew this one didn’t you? Milk contains calcium responsible for strengthening the enamel of your teeth and bones. It also contains a substance called casein, a type of protein that helps repair the enamel. Consuming milk or dairy products can help you with teeth whitening Adelaide and get stronger teeth in no time.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a great alternative if you ever run out of toothpaste. Baking soda is mildly abrasive and is alkaline, making it perfect for removing plaque from your teeth. It also prevents tooth discoloration. You can mix some baking soda with water and create a paste to brush your teeth with.

Celery, Apples, and Carrots:

Consuming crunchy fruits and vegetables can help remove plaque from your teeth. Celery, apples, and carrots are only a few examples of such food. They also promote saliva production in your mouth, a natural antiseptic that kills bacteria. They are also great sources of minerals and vitamins that help strengthen your teeth.

Sugar-Free Gum:

Chewing sugar-free gums is a great way to stimulate your salivary glands, which is great for rinsing away acids that build up in your mouth from the breakdown of food particles. This is a great way to keep your teeth clean and prevent tooth decay.

Final Thoughts

Many foods and drinks that we have daily can actually contribute to the staining or yellowing of your teeth. Cold drinks like Pepsi and beverages like tea and coffee are examples of such. Although you can go for professional tooth cleaning from trusted experts like Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry, there is also an easier and more inexpensive way of getting whiter teeth at home by having the right foods and drinks. These are natural and perfectly safe ways of getting whiter teeth.

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