Gift-Giving: Choosing Elegant Party Favors for Adults

What’s more joyful than getting everyone you love in a room together? A party for any occasion can be a wonderful time. However, if you’re planning on throwing a high-class affair that can be a whole other responsibility altogether.

When you throw a fancier party, there are certain expectations that you’ll provide some extra care for your guests. This might take the form of elegant party favors for adults, otherwise known as gift bags. If you can give your guests some fancy swag bags, you can leave a really solid impression of your bash.

Do you know what to put in party bags for adults? It can be more difficult to come up with good options than you might think. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Custom Alcohol Bottles

Something that you’re not going to find in any sort of kiddie gift bag is a nice personalized bottle of alcohol. However, gifting your guests with a little extra drink to take home can help keep the spirit of giving going long after the party has ended.

Which type of alcohol you’ll choose might depend on the event in question. If you’re throwing a big birthday bash, perhaps choose the favorite drink of the person you are celebrating, for example.

A small, personal-sized bottle is likely all that is needed, but you can decide for yourself how much you want to provide in your gift bag. Personalizing this gift can go a long way to making it special.

Including a custom label on the bottle, you are providing that includes the name and date of the event can help make this gift feel more like a helpful keepsake.

Providing a cup, flask, or some other personalized choice can help to complete the package. Picking up some custom koozies might be another way to go.

If you really want to go all the way, personalized bottles of wine can make a stunning impression and please your guests greatly. As you can imagine, the cost of providing each guest with a full bottle of wine can get quite high, so make sure you budget properly.

Custom Cookies & Candy

Even adults have a sweet tooth, and there’s no reason to shy away from this fact when designing your thank you goodie bags for adults. Providing a few delectable treats for the ride home is going to leave your guests as giddy as children.

Again, these treats can be all the more memorable if you take the time and effort to personalize them to your event. Does the person you’re celebrating have a favorite kind of candy? Throw them in each bag.

Having a school reunion? Why not include cookies shaped like the school mascot? Perhaps you can have your graduation year emblazoned across them in frosting.

These are just ideas, but you can take the inspiration and find a way to personalize the goodies you want to give out in whatever way you see fit.

If you do custom wrappers or labels on these treats, it’ll give the guests something to hold onto as a memento.

Flavored Olive Oils

One surprising gift that is growing in popularity for adult goodie bags? Flavored olive oil, believe it or not. This can be a huge hit at weddings and similar events.

Picking up some mini bottles of olive oil can be relatively inexpensive but still a huge hit among party guests. Gourmet olive oil can be infused with all types of flavors, after all, including chili pepper, garlic, rosemary, and many others.

Everyone needs olive oil at home, so it is a gift that almost any guest will be happy to have. It’s not going to go to waste, that’s for sure. The packaging of these bottles is also quite attractive and classy.

Aesthetically, this is a great gift that will look fantastic alongside your other party favors.

A Small Potted Plant

Another great gift that any adult love to receive? A small plant is sure to put a smile on nearly all of your guests’ faces.

A batch of small succulents doesn’t have to be overly expensive to purchase and it will give your guests a way to brighten up their lives at home. These succulents are easy to care for, so you’re not dumping a big responsibility on anyone’s shoulders, just giving them a little life to take home.

There’s even an opportunity to get a little cute with it if you would like. You could provide a personalized tag with the plant that reminds them of the event. Again, providing any sort of memento to hang onto is always a good idea.

On this memento, you can include some sort of fun saying or pun: if you’re giving out thyme, for example, perhaps you could say: “we hope you had a good thyme!”

This can help bring a smile to the face of any guest, though you’ll have to decide if this is really aesthetically right for you and your event. As far as small party favors for adults go, it can be a real special one.

Elegant Party Favors for Adults

Throwing a great party for adults isn’t always easy, and it can be a lot of work. However, making a lasting memory for all involved can be quite rewarding. Handing out a few elegant party favors for adults at the end of the night is one great way to ensure your event is a smash hit.

Need more advice on throwing the perfect party? Keep scrolling our blog for more information, tips, and tricks.

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