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Has UK’s Immigration Rules Changes after Covid-19

At a time when we are thinking that the main home office is very busy dealing with all the system practicalities and is occupied with the ongoing pandemic worldwide just then the home office released an official statement stating some changing which they have made regardless of the Covid-19 but they have adopted some new policies and systems which were effective immediately from 4 June 2020.

Here we will discuss some main changing which were approved by the UK government regarding business and immigration rules and regulations.

Overseas Representatives:

The main category which has to face some major changes is the category of overseas representatives and sole representatives who are looking for an opportunity to work in UK and start their business all on their own. This can also be classified as entrepreneurship in which he immigrant is eager to set up a whole business regarding his whole bank record and past experience, this new addition to the rules of immigration helps the sole representatives to build a new start up or have some major hold in a established business. For all the applications submitted effectively from 4 June 2020 the immigrants have to meet all the given criteria given by the government of UK and the sole purpose of the immigrant should be strictly restricted to opening a one man business , this business should not be a way of making and entry in UK and confirming their stay, if any case would be found so he authorities will have full power to reject their applications if they will not be suitable or will not meet any of the prescribed requirements. From now onwards the applicants are required to show full eligibility by proving their worth and skills otherwise their application will not be considered, rules have also been changed to limit the employees who are eligible under his category any employee who will have a major stake in any established business will have no right to apply for sole representative business.

Start-up and Innovator:

As with the expansion of the given rules and regulations by the UK government the applicants now have to be more careful and efficient while applying for the sole representative start up or innovative business because the employee may have to satisfy the company by providing every proof that this start up business is whole solely main objective of immigrating to UK not only the applicant has to ensure the objective of immigrating to UK but it also has to provide all the details of the business he or she is going to start up and if the business have some possible outcomes only then the application of the applicant is considered and in addition to that the applicant needs to prove his partnership in the given proposal of the startup business if he’s not able to prove has legit partnership his application may be rejected immediately.

Family members of British citizens:

Another rule assigned for the new applicants of the UK immigration that whosoever is eligible to apply for the immigration should have a clean past record or if that person has some imprisonement record minimum 10 years had to be passed and the duration should be less than 4 months only then the person should be completely eligible for applying the Immigration solicitors in Manchester.

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