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How Dangerous is a Chipped Commercial Window

How Dangerous is a Chipped Commercial Window

Did you know that commercial buildings account for 35% of America’s primary energy usage and generate 16% of all U.S. carbon dioxide emissions? Are you a business owner who has a commercial building that is sucking you dry because of energy costs?

Well, there’s one way you can reduce your energy usage by a lot. Ensure that you use high-quality glass for the windows in your commercial buildings and repair all chipped commercial windows. Read on to find out what the dangers of having a chipped commercial window in an office are.

A Small Crack Can Become a Big Headache Later

It is generally recommended not to do chip repair on a chipped commercial window because that could result in bigger headaches down the road. If possible (try to build this into your budget), remove all low-quality glass windows in your commercial buildings and replace them with higher-quality ones.

Shattered Windows or Glass Could Hurt Your Employees or Guests

Usually, most modern glass windows are made of tempered glass, so even if they shatter, they will not end up hurting any people nearby. BUT, if you are situated in an older commercial building with glass that’s not tempered or is low-quality, it can result in grave injury to anyone who’s nearby.

This is because the glass windows get weaker over time losing their structural integrity bit by bit, until one day, they shatter completely. This can happen out of the blue and without any warning. That’s why it’s so important to repair a cracked window right away.

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It Can Result in Increased Energy Usage

When you have cracked or chipped windows, it can result in increased energy usage in two ways. First of all, your employees might feel colder or hotter because of the cracked window and crank up the HVAC unit. This could result in bigger heating or cooling bills for your company.

Second of all, the lighting in your offices might be affected by these low-quality cracked windows. And that could result in increased energy usage since your employees won’t be able to rely only upon natural light from the windows to do their work.

Avoid both of these increased energy expenditures by fixing glass windows right away. There’s no need to wait until the problem gets bigger and your employees start suing you because of injuries or other damages.

Get a Chipped Commercial Window Repaired ASAP

Contact a commercial window repair company and get any chipped commercial window repaired or replaced if necessary. This way you can start saving on energy costs, and lighting bills, and also start protecting your employees from any future injuries. Make sure you add this to your yearly budget costs analysis.

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