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How lab grown diamonds are different from naturally mined diamonds?

If you’re an amateur when it comes to diamonds, but wish to own one now, you should keep reading. There is a lot to know before you decide to pay for a rock that literally costs a bomb. With growing demand for synthetic diamonds, also known as lab-grown ones, people are often confused whether they should still stick to the traditional, natural one or try something new and trendy. Here we are going to take a look at few of the major differences between these two types of diamonds. Hopefully it’ll make it easy for you to make your choice.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds, as the name suggests are created in a laboratory through human efforts. They are man-made, unlike their natural counterparts which are formed deep below the surface of the Earth in suitable atmospheric conditions. Gemmologists and scientists, over the years, studied natural formation of diamonds and then mimicked the same conditions in order to produce diamonds themselves. Lab-grown diamonds are visually, physically and atomically identical to naturally mined diamonds. However, there are certain differences.

  1. Affordability

Naturally mined diamonds are very expensive. It is a precious stone that is dug up with great effort, cut and polished for aesthetic purposes. So naturally, they cost a lot as well. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are available at almost half the cost. They are easy on the pocket. The main reason for this difference is the supply. The formation of natural diamonds is a long procedure that takes billions of years to happen. As a result, they are limited in supply. Lab-grown diamonds on the other hand can be produced on demand, without any supply restriction. So the rising supply leads to lowering price.

  1. Appearance

Although the appearance between lab-grown and natural diamonds is identical, it is only true in case of high quality lab-grown ones. The low cost and low quality diamonds have cuts or incisions on them that can be seen if looked carefully. That marks one striking difference as naturally mined diamonds do not have them. There are only a few jewellers for lab grown diamonds uk that will help you distinguish between natural and synthetic diamonds.

  1. Long term value

A naturally mined diamond is always going to be a precious stone, no matter how old it gets. So the valuation is more or less constant. Lab-grown diamonds, however, do not share this advantage. With increasing advances in technology and easier methods of creating diamonds, their value over the years could decrease and so it may not prove to be an investment like naturally mined diamonds.

  1. Sustainability

Extracting natural diamonds from the Earth essentially needs a lot of messing around with our natural resources. It may not be unethical but disturbing the earth’s surface on such a regular basis is sure to have its consequences sometime in the future. With lab-grown diamonds, nature is not disturbed. Also, there is no proof of natural diamonds having a high sustainability over the years. So that is another thing to consider.

Most people opt for lab-grown diamonds lately because of their affordability and sustainability. It gives the satisfaction of having something precious for yourself, while giving back something to the Earth as well.Hatton garden jewellery shops offer a very large collection of jewellery made from lab-grown diamonds. It is definitely something you need to check out.


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