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How Laravel Web Development Can Grow Your Business in 2020?

PHP web frameworks are the most popular sources for web application development. Laravel web development is one of the most important technology of web application because of the MVC architecture.

As a result, Laravel has enabled the development of superior personalized web applications for organizations around the globe. Because of its simplicity, the coding experience leads to flawless syntax with the least extent of being incorrect.

Why Businesses Use Laravel?

The development market is filled with several open-source PHP development frameworks. You’ll find Symfony, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter. The last one mentioned is Laravel’s closest competitor in terms of market share.


Top Key Features of Laravel Framework:

Modular Development Process

Laravel is a repository of over 20 unique libraries that are categorized into distinct modules. These libraries are what Laravel is. Thanks to this, Laravel makes it easier for developers to take a modular approach to developing complex and responsive web applications that can still be user-friendly. Also, tons of complexities in enterprise Laravel application development could be taken care of easily with this modular approach.

Artisan CLI

One of the standout features of Laravel is its Artisan Command Line Interface. With the help of Artisan, developers can perform some of the most complex tasks in minutes. Besides, it also helps them develop database structures and seamlessly migrate them. Artisan also allows you to develop your commands and further simplify the development process.

Unit Testing Facilities

Application development doesn’t stop with coding. Testing is an inevitable process and Laravel allows you to run several unit testing, eliminating the need to run standalone tests to assess the performance of your application

Routing System

Laravel’s routing system allows developers to choose the route an application would trigger.

Consistent Updates

Laravel is constantly updated. So, this is ideal to build future-proof apps that would stand the test of time.

Laravel Packages

With the 5.5 update, developers don’t have to set up aliases to install new Laravel packages, the framework does that autonomously.

Swift Time-To-Market

It paves the way for quick development process, which in turn offers you swift time-to-market

Coding Simplified

It further simplifies coding with its Blade Template Engine.

Laravel Development services

Laravel Voted as Best PHP Web Framework

Laravel is one of the leading PHP frameworks in the market. Its popularity resounds in the Developer community because of its simplicity and conciseness. Also, the Laravel community is improving the framework by creating crafty documentations that allows others to join in the resource pool.

One of the most sought-after things in the programming world, Laravel framework retains its marketing positioning as the leader in the web application frameworks.

Laravel has created a reputation for itself that causes the IT community to pay the highest attention to the framework. As a result, most of the companies prefer getting their IT projects development on this platform.


Laravel has a lot of advantages for start-ups and businesses. And these benefits have a direct proportion to an increase in the business, customers & revenue. After understanding the reasons that Laravel can boost your business, what’s stopping you? Feel free to visit Shiv Technolabs, hire Laravel developer & go on the road to success.

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