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How to choose wholesale kids clothing

With the advent of summer, many parents are beginning to buy summer clothes for their children, but when parents choose clothes for their children, most of them consider whether the children look good and whether the clothes are fashionable. Few people will consider whether children’s clothes are safe. As everyone knows, there are many ways to buy children’s clothes. Once the wrong choice is made, it may bring danger to the child! Next, let us share with you how to choose safe wholesale kids clothing!


First of all, let us first understand the classification of children’s clothing

  1. Baby clothes

    Refers to the clothing of a doll under one year old. Babies sweat and urinate easily. Therefore, when choosing baby clothes and diapers, you should choose pure cotton fabrics.


  2. Toddler clothes

    Refers to the clothes of children aged 1-5. Young children are characterized by a large head, a short neck, and a bulging abdomen. They are fashionable and lively, so the neckline of the clothes should be larger. In early childhood, children like to run and jump, they have a sense of color and aesthetic ability, and their clothes should be bright and stylish.

    In order for children to learn to put on and take off by themselves, the upper and lower devices can be combined with the front opening.

  3. Older kids clothing

    Refers to clothing for school-age children from 6 to 12 years old. Children’s clothing should focus on practicality and practicality. And the clothing should be strong with a little bit of embellishment. The color of children’s clothing should be a color that matches the skin tone.

    Try to avoid choosing rough and hard clothes that will scratch the delicate skin of children, restrict their activities. And affect the growth of children.

The second is how to choose kids clothing:

  1. Observe the appearance of kids clothing

    The appearance of kids clothing is the first step in the selection. It is especially important to choose kids clothing suitable for the age of the baby. Whether it can show the child’s innocence and feel the atmosphere of fashion. And the standard to measure whether it is worth buying.

    In addition, mothers also need to pay attention to whether the kids clothing is symmetrical and the color is uniform.

  2. Smell the smell of clothes

    New clothes have a scent of washing. This is the scent left by the manufacturer’s special washing in order to avoid wrinkles after the clothes leave the factory. This is normal. Mom can just go back and wash it after buying the clothes. However, if kids clothing has a peculiar smell, it may be caused by excessive PH value, or due to inherent quality problems.

    Such as dyes remaining in the finishing process of clothing production. The national standard requires the PH value of kids clothing products to be between 4.0-7.5.

  3. Ask about the fabrics of kids clothing and the qualifications of the manufacturing company

    When buying clothes for children, you should not only ask the guide buyer for the price, but also the fabric composition of the clothes. Although chemical fiber fabrics are thin, their air permeability is weak. In addition, chemical fibers are chemical products that may cause skin allergic reactions.

    Therefore, when buying clothes for children, you must insist on buying breathable, heat-dissipating and moisture-absorbing pure cotton fabrics. In addition, you need to ask clearly about the qualifications of the manufacturer, and you should avoid buying unlicensed kids clothing.

  4. Touch the kids clothing to see how it feels

    If kids clothing fabrics feel rough or grainy, and feel particularly hard to the touch, mothers should try not to buy them. Clothing made of such fabrics is uncomfortable for children to wear, and there may also be safety issues. Really good fabrics are soft and comfortable.

    The double-layer cloth with double-layer texture is very popular with parents, one side is pure cotton, the other side is cotton plus polyester. Polyester yarn connects the double-sided silk tightly, so that the double-layer fabric has the unique characteristics of inner flexibility and outer rigidity.

  5. Be comfortable to wear

    For underwear, choose fabrics with soft texture, good moisture absorption and air permeability. Chemical fiber silk and woolen fabrics are easy to cause allergies and should not be worn next to the body.

    The coat is too tight or too loose, the sleeves and trouser legs are too long, even if it looks good, you have to give up. The style of clothes should be simple and generous, easy to put on and take off.

  6. To facilitate the exercise

    Flared pants, wide trouser legs, easy to trip; jeans, tightly hoop, can’t open the legs; wearing a small cheongsam, can not run happily; wearing a small suit, can not stretch arms. These costumes are not suitable for children to wear often.


  7. Think about safety

    Parents must be safety-conscious. The first rule of buying clothes is not to buy “carcinogenic children’s clothing” (excessive chemical washing). Of course, other details are also very important.

    For example, do not have a zipper on the front opening of boys’ pants; do not have a streamer on the hat; do not have a ribbon on the collar of the jacket. Because long streamers and other ribbons will become “kill weapons” once they hang, jam or strangle a child.

Finally, there are precautions for choosing kids clothing.

  1. Pay attention to the dyeing quality of kids clothing

    Clothing with poor color fastness will easily fall off and fade when exposed to water, sweat or saliva, and the dye molecules and heavy metal ions in the pigment. It may be absorbed by the skin, endangering children’s health.


  2. Pay attention to the smell of kids clothing

    After the textiles with excessively high formaldehyde content are made into clothing. The free formaldehyde will be gradually released during the wearing process. It will cause harm to the human body through the skin and breathing of the human body.


    Long-term exposure to formaldehyde gas can cause headaches, weakness, dermatitis, eczema, redness, swelling, pain and other symptoms. It can also cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, and may directly lead to cancer.

After reading the above content, I probably know how to buy clothes for children, but some people may wonder where to buy children’s clothes. Don’t worry, you can listen to what we recommend next.


What I want to recommend to you is our wholesale kids clothing. Our kids clothing is the best in quality and style. So what are you waiting for, browse our kids clothing right away and choose safe and fashionable kids clothing.

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