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How To Clean RO Purifiers At Home?

Depending upon the usage of every house, it is essential to clean the RO membranes accordingly, otherwise the Water Purifiers may lose track of its efficiency. In order to tackle such an aspect, you might want to go for the best water purifier in India. A high-quality water purifier will last for years if properly maintained. The filters and membranes play an important role in reverse osmosis technology and if not properly maintained, will forfeit to purify water.

When to clean RO Filters?

Whenever you feel that the taste of water had changed a little bit, or whenever you witness the membrane or filter being worn out, or whenever you notice the color of the membrane turned yellow, it is a strict indicator that the filter must be changed or cleaned.

However, the best water purifier in India only needs an annual change of filters, it is important to clean the system every 3 to 6 months depending upon the usage of the water purifier.

Precautions to be taken:

Soft Water i.e., Surface water that contains low concentrations of ions should be used for the cleaning process and dilution of the cleaning chemicals. A Reverse Osmosis Pump, a cleaning tank, tank mixer, RO Cleaning cartridge filter are the requirements for cleaning up the RO water system.

It is mandatory to wash your hands with soap and water and to Wear Sanitary Gloves before starting to work on the RO Water system and make certain that the workspace is completely sanitized and is free from dust and dirt. The New filters must remain packed until it’s time for a replacement.

Steps for Cleaning RO Water Filters:

  • Make sure the water supply to the storage tank is disconnected.
  • After disconnecting the water supply, empty the storage tank.
  • Once the water had been completely drained out from the storage, keep the water system untouched for a few moments, and remove the filter housings.
  • Now carefully remove the RO membrane and filters and replace the filter housings.
  • Keep the removed filters separately and pour ‘bleach’ which is the most preferred solution for cleaning the system and allow the solution to run through the system for about an hour
  • Now, cautiously clean the chemicals present in the system with Soft water.
  • Wash the filter housings with soap and rinse it with soft water thoroughly. Rinse the filter housing at least twice to remove the soap.
  • O-rings are packing or toric joints which are often used to block the path of flow to prevent the liquid from escaping. The O-rings must be checked for replacement. Best water purifier in India provides quality O-rings which can be treated with water-based lubricants and can be used again
  • The Pre-filters used for removing dust, dirt and other sedimentary particles must be checked for replacement.
  • Now install the filters back into the system and reattach all the joints and connections. Open the valve to allow the flow of water into the system.
  • Allow the tank to be filled back up and drain the tank one more time to ensure that the chemicals are out of the system.

Benefits of Cleaning RO Systems: 

An ROs System is capable of removing 98% of dissolved solids and foreign substances, which makes the water much healthier to drink. However, if they have not been cleaned properly, all the sediments will get stagnant in the filter only. The following are the few benefits of having a regular cleaning method RO Water Purifier,

  • Bad flavors and odors in the water are reduced
  • Free from Parasites and Other Threats
  • Removes lead from water reducing the change of BP and Nerve Damage.
  • Restores the natural combination of water molecules.
  • Environment Friendly
  • The amount of Sodium is reduced.
  • The RO system will have extended durability
  • Safe and Hygienic water supply

The RO Water Purifier must be ready and fully functional to use at this point to provide the best water for consumption. Speaking of best, it’s good to have the best accessories in your kitchen and manufactures across the country. Imagine having the best mixer grinder in India in your kitchen and serving the best food for your family along with a jar of quality water. Given the current circumstances, it’s always beneficial to have the best and fully functional accessories in your home.

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