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How To Deploy A White-label Zocdoc Clone App In The Market?

In the world we live in, everything is uncertain. Smartphones have revolutionized our lifestyle to a greater extent. A tap in the app can get your products delivered with a knock on the door. When everything is possible with smartphones, why constrict the benefits? Think about the situation when you are not feeling well during a long train journey or stuck in a remote place where there are no doctors around. Thus with an on-demand doctor app, people can consult a doctor from anywhere effortlessly. 

According to the statistical report, it states that nearly 52% of people find the medical apps most comfortable to get health-related consultation, get online prescriptions, etc. The worldwide telemedicine market is expected to have a spike in the compound annual growth rate of 15.1% by the end of 2027. Due to the implementation of lockdowns and the rise in the novel coronavirus, the demand for telemedicine apps is likely to boom in the forthcoming years.

Steps involved in the development of a telemedicine app like Zocdoc

Choosing the right business plan

A business plan is none other than a written description of how you want your app to perform. It allows you to think widely and gain more ideas to build your app in an innovative way. You can plan what kind of product or service you would like to offer in your app that can potentially gain many users. Drafting a proper business plan can also assist you in getting sponsors for your app if you are a budding entrepreneur.

Market research

For any business, knowing the needs of their target audience is important, which can be achieved by deep market research. Give the audience what they want in your app. Contact a set of people and do a survey. Take a survey that is composed of questions that help you to design your app that surpass that of your competitors. Collect the data and abstract a final report. Analyze the market needs and implement the requirements in your app.

Define objective

It is vital to have a defined objective to have a clear picture of the app development. Make a specific goal and focus on it. This can keep you focussed while the app development process begins. Instead of having many objectives, it is better to have one defined objective. This can ease the app development process.

How Zocdoc Clone App Works?

The workflow of the Zocdoc clone app is simple and easily understandable. The simpler the user interface, the more effective the user experience. The features and workflow are different for the doctors and the patient app. The app is tailored in such a way that it offers an enhanced user experience.

Registration/ sign up:

Both doctors and the patients undergo a registration process to create their profiles.

  • Doctors profile: Doctors can fill their profile with a description of their details like name, contact number, location, expertise, years of experience, etc. This can help the patients to know more about the doctor before consulting.
  • Patient profile: On the other hand, users or patients fill in their profiles with their basic information and previous medical records so that the doctors can view them.

Book an appointment

The patients can search and find the desired doctor upon which an appointment can be booked. An appointment request will be sent to the doctor. Based on the availability, the doctor has the right to accept or reject any appointment. In case of any inconvenience, the users can either reschedule the appointment at a desirable time or cancel the appointment upon which the refund process is initiated.

Virtual consultation:

Upon successful completion of the appointment process, the patients can take up the virtual consultation with the doctor at the scheduled time. The app offers an encrypted video conferencing facility to ensure end-to-end connectivity. No one other than the patient and the doctor can view or access the secure consultation session.

Digital prescription

Once the virtual consultation is completed, the doctors can draft a digital prescription of the essential medicines and share it with their patients. Patients can either order the prescribed medicines via the app or show the digital prescription and get medicines from the local medical stores.


The charge is based on the service rendered. There are a number of payment gateways available for the patients to pay the doctor’s fee. Users can also save their cards or link their bank account with the app for quick payment.

Cost Of Developing A Telemedicine App 

The development cost of an on-demand doctor app can range anywhere between 25,000 dollars to 70,000 dollars which is directly dependent on the key features, work model, etc. The more the features are, the higher the cost is. The complexity of developing an app from scratch is high, and it consumes a lot of time and money. There are alternate solutions in the market that can help you build an efficient telemedicine app in an affordable way. A white-labeled Zocdoc clone app can allow you to quickly deploy and launch your app in both Play Store and App Store. Thus it saves some money and time for you to use it for other purposes. It is 100% customizable, allowing you to modify your app according to your business needs. The scalability of the app is very high. Therefore, it allows you to eventually expand your app as your business grows.


How to monetize your Zocdoc clone?

For any application, generating income is the key factor to leverage your business to the next level. There are plenty of factors to monetize your Zocdoc clone app, of which a few are as follows,

Registration fee

You can impose a registration fee for doctors and other pharma companies for using your platform. This is a one-time fee that is applicable during the initial registration process.

Subscription fee

The basic functions of the app are easily accessible by patients and users for free. At the same time, premium features are accessible only with a premium subscription. Users can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.

Promotional post

Healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies can promote their products on your platform. Based on the sales and services offered, a commission goes to the app owner.


You can utilize the banner space of your app to display the advertisements of third parties. This can bring in a steady income to the app without much effort. Connecting up with the pharmaceutical companies and displaying the ads of their products can bring in new users as well.

Fee commission

For every transaction of doctor’s fee by the patients via the app, the app owner gains a commission of it. It is a consistent source of generating money.

To sum up,

There are vast advantages of developing a white-label Zocdoc clone app. Telemedicine apps are set on the rise, and no downfall is about to occur in the near future. The pandemic has forced us with no other option other than utilizing the on-demand doctor app to consult a doctor effortlessly. Many healthcare institutions are getting their hands on the impeccable Zocdoc clone script. 

It is high time to visit an app development company and deploy your app that has the potential to grab a vast number of users in no time.

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