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How to Export PocoMail to Outlook 2016? | Effective Ways:-

Are you decided to export from PocoMail to Outlook? If yes then let me tell you migrating from one email client to another is not an easy task.

Because in this case both of the mail clients use different file formats. In PocoMail MBX file format is used and on the other hand, Outlook uses PST format to save the data files.

In addition, it guides the proper way that you can use to convert PocoMail to Outlook. And, we will perform this process by using the Email Migration Tool which is the quickest solution.

Let us start the article, to know easy and secure reasons which make your task is easier:-

To Migrate Data From PocoMail to Outlook | Reasons:-

There are multiple reasons why users need to export PocoMail to Microsoft Outlook such as:-

  • Pocomail is one of the outdated email clients as we all know. But, it is important to emails and other data of many users, which they cannot access through this software.
  • The interface of MS outlook is quite easy and user-friendly.
  • In the terms of security and its features, Outlook provides more secure storage of mailbox data as compared to Pocomail.
  • Therefore, data corruption in Outlook is easy to handle.

Export PocoMail Emails to Outlook PST | Manually

By using the manual method we need to convert Pocomail to MBOX and it is possible to export the data by exporting the MBOX file to Outlook PST file format. One can open that particular PST file in Outlook. This is how you can access your important emails to the other emails software.

  • Download and run your PocoMail
  • Now, Click on the file option>> choose Backup & restore >>then click on the Backup Button.
  • Open a new Windows and then choose the location of your file and select the items you want to export/backup.
  • There is a Navigate to save the location and you will see the backup of your files in the “PocoMail.bak” folder.
  • Finally, all your emails are saved in the “Mail” folder.

Migrate Entire Emails From PocoMail to Outlook | Automated Method

As we have already discussed that there is no direct method to perform this conversion process. But you can go for another solution is MBOX to PST Converter Software to export Pocomail to Outlook PST. Following are the software has several features that can help users to convert Pocomail files. Therefore, it is easy to perform and it takes less time to migrate bulk data files. Non-technical users can also run this software and perform the conversion process easily.

Export PocoMail Emails to Outlook PST With Working | Step-by-Step

Follow the below steps one by one to perform your task without facing any issues and make sure you don’t miss the single-step otherwise you need to start the process again. So without wasting time start the steps to export Pocomail to Outlook:-

  1. Launch and install the software on your Windows machine. Click on Open Button to start the process.
  2. Now, Select Email Data files>> MBOX files >>Choose Folders/ Files. You can see a View of all MBOX files on the desktop.
  3. Click on Export Button. And, select the PST files from the folder.
  4. Browse, Choose PST (Outlook data file), and provide a destination path where you want to save PST.
  5. Click on the Save Button.
  6. Wait to finish the migration process. You have been Exported Successfully.
  7. Now, you can see the complete preview of your PST files on your destination path.
  8. Demo Edition Export only 10 items from each folder. After satisfaction, you have to Upgrade to Licensed Edition to Export All.

Convert PocoMail Emails to Outlook | Unique Features:-

Below is the list of the features that help you to export Pocomail to Outlook easily:-

1. Transfer Pocomail Emails to PST:- This software is effortless to export PocoMail messages to the UNICODE PST file. This file will easily get to migrate in all the versions of Outlook including Outlook 2019. There is no requirement for any email client installation. In addition, you can have an export option also that provided the software for users’ convenience. With the auto-detect feature, this tool can export emails along with attachments easily.

2. Dual Modes to Select the Files:- Following are the two options to browse the PocoMail file:

Folder Mode:- For migrating files use the folder and directly browse the folder which has multiple database files.

File Mode:- There is one PocoMail file to be exported then, a tool this mode.

3. Preview All PocoMail Mailboxes:- It is designed with the features to show a preview of each mailbox, which is saved in a PST file. A tree-structured format will be encountered where users can click on the folder whose data is to be involved.

4. Export Selective Items or Folders:- Users can filter the unwanted data at the time of the conversion process. You can check only those emails and folders, which are to be kept in Outlook. Rest all remaining data will be eliminated at the time of data transfer.

5. Two Options To Create Outlook File:- There are two ways to create a PST file:-

Create One PST File: It merges Multiple PocoMail Profiles into One PST file.

Create Multiple PST File: Generate one PST file for the Pocomail file. For example: If there is a 10 PocoMail file, then 10 PocoMail separate PST files will be created.

6. View and Save Process Log File:- This utility is cable to maintain a log report for both single as well as multiple mailbox migration processes. Therefore, its report comprises all activities carried out by all the files. One can open, view, and save this file in HTML as well as CSV folder at the entire conversion.

Users Queries for Migrating PocoMail to Outlook:-

Query 1: Hi, I need to convert my Emails from Pocomail in the file format that MS Outlook supported. I have recently started using Outlook and I need a lot of my emails to my account. If there is any way to export these messages to Outlook data file format without losing even a bit of data?

Query 2: Some of my critical emails are lying in the Pocomail mailbox and I need to manage them and migrate them into Outlook Software. Also, I need a direct way to complete the migration and make sure no files are corrupted. Can anyone suggest a solution to do this? So, suggest me the tool.

Query 3: Hello, I have been through a lot of trouble lately trying to export my emails from Pocomail. I need to migrate my mailbox to Outlook reachable format but have not found the right solution. All the methods to export Emails Pocomail to Outlook either take a lot of time or are not safe. Does anyone know the perfect method or solution to perform the conversion process for the same?

Final Words:-

In the about blog, we are describing the method to export PocoMail to Outlook 2019. Here all kinds of users can easily for the process. For those who are also far away from the challenges of technicalities, the tool can easily migrate data.
The features of the software are provided useful enough for the novice as well. The GUI is designed in a way that there are no difficulties for the non-technical users to understand the working steps.

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