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How To Get Documents Attested From MOFA UAE?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE (MOFA) is the government agency that handles the foreign affairs of the country. MOFA attestation is a mandatory procedure for attestation of your certificates in UAE.

Certificate attestation with the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Department of Foreign Affairs is for various objects. This covers the commercial, educational and non-educational process. If you want to migrate to the UAE, the certificates must be MOFA attested in the UAE.

Once you have seldom done with the MOFA attestation, your legal document can be used for any purpose in the UAE. There are many professionals who provide attestation services in UAE including MOFA attestation in UAE.

MOFA attestation is an essential legal system that is part of getting these advantages. It is the principal means for distributing visas for work visas, such as family or resident visas. You want permission to enter school, get a higher education, or get a job.

The MOFA also leads work permit labor card processing in the UAE and other related countries. According to the Ministry of Labor, this is a residence permit or work visa.

When is Attestation by MOFA is Required?

  • Admission for School
  • Employment Processing of work visa
  • Family Visa Processing
  • Labor card processing
  • To obtain higher education in the country
  • Visa situation
  • Medical needs

Documents needed for MOFA attestation

The documents needed for Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in UAE are:

  • The Original Embassy Certificate
  • Certified photocopy of passport
  • Copy of visa

Steps you need to know to get MOFA Attestation Dubai UAE

The steps you need to know to get Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in UAE are:

Step 1: Get an appointment with MOFA

Appointments for Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE can be reserved online. You can also get appointment with the help of an attestation expert in the United Arab Emirates. To book an appointment for MOFA attestation, provide details such as confirmation location, the name of the branch where you are moving for an appointment, the name of the candidate, the Emirates ID, the passport, the country and the type of certificate to be attested by the Ministry.

You will receive a piece of information confirming your appointment. If you have not yet paid the attestation fee you can cancel or change the appointment.

Step 2: Give the fee for MOFA attestation

If you do not make the payment for Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation UAE within few hours from the time you booked the appointment, the booking will be automatically dropped. If you have paid for MOFA Attestation in Dubai and do not need the service, you will need to apply for a refund that includes other steps.

Step 3: Visit the MOFA in the UAE

Make certain you enter the MOFA office fifteen minutes ere your registered appointment. Individuals and UAE companies have different counters. Make certain you get the token that fits your situation. You can attest your personal documents to the Ministry. You can control Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation to your dependents; But, even if you have your cousins ​​or friends at the time of the appointment, the ministry will not certify their documents.

You will require to grant the requirements of the UAE MOFA Attestation, which may vary depending on the nature of the certificate required for certification. This is why you should inquire about the advice of attestation specialists in the UAE, as they can advise you on what you need to pay the local officials to complete the process.

Which documents are not acceptable for MOFA attestation?

The documents are not acceptable for Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation are:

  • Identity card
  • Passports
  • Residence
  • Documents associated with immovable property

Usage of MOFAIC App

If you use the MOFAIC application to apply for Document Attestation in the UAE, the method will continue as described above. But, there are some extra moves you need to pay attention to.

  • Download the MOFAIC application
  • Choose “Personal Services” or “Business Services” based on the user type
  • Succeed on the “Attest Official Document and Certificates” option
  • Sign in or create your number
  • Comprehend the procedure

Fee for MOFA Attestation in UAE

The standard rates apply to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of International Cooperation for each of the two document categories.

MOFA Attestation Fee for Personal Certificates

Personal documents, both in and out of the UAE, cost $ 150 each for MOFA attestation.

MOFA Attestation Fee for Commercial Documents

Commercial documents, both in and out of the UAE, cost $ 2,000 each for MOFA attestation.

What are MOFA Service Channels?

You can obtain MoFAIC services through the following service channels.

  • UAE Embassy in your residence country
  • UAE Mission in Your Country
  • MoFAIC-website
  • MoFAIC App
  • Customer Happiness Centers in the UAE

Who can submit a document for attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs?

An applicant for attestation must produce a document for attestation; But, a family member or representative can do so if the authority has granted the letter published by the applicant.

How long does it require for MOFA attestation in UAE?

Even if you have applied for medical certificate attestation in Dubai or any other certification in the UAE like an Educational certificate, MoFA attestation can take up to two working days.


Document Attestation from the MOFA UAE is regarded as an imperative step of certification. It will be prepared once the necessary process such as HRD, MEA, and Embassy Attestation is performed. The person needs to have the original (attested) certificates, attestation fee, and the person’s passport.

For expatriates intending to travel to Dubai and the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is liable for attesting certificates locally in the UAE, so the documents can be used locally. Ask for a Student Visa, sponsor your family on Family Visa Status, Employment Visa, Residency Visa, or, and present the needed documents to the local UAE Embassy in your country, only then can the MOFA attestation in the UAE be performed.

It is difficult to attest documents from different authorities. This may imply that the overall procedure is busy. Therefore, the help of an attestation service provider can be very helpful in making the means stress-free and easy.

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