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How To Get Straight Teeth: 3 Methods

A study found that nearly 57 percent of Americans are unhappy with their teeth. Does this describe you? Do you wish you had straight teeth?

You can improve your teeth and get the smile you’ve always wanted, and there are different options to smile about. How do you get the smile you’ve always wanted? Keep reading to learn options to get you straight teeth.

1. Dental Braces

Braces are probably the most common method to straighten teeth. This method has been highly effective and has proven to work time and again. One of the best benefits of braces is that you don’t have to take them out and wash them; just brush them as you would your teeth.

The technology of braces continues to evolve and change as well. They aren’t nearly as sharp or bulky as they used to be, so they are more comfortable.

You can choose between the normal metal braces or choose a more natural clear look with invisible braces if you don’t want them to be as noticeable. You can also choose ceramic braces that are also clear. Treatment can take up to two years, and you will have regular visits to the orthodontist to get them tightened.

Braces are best for teeth that need significant adjustments.

2. Dental Aligners

You can also choose clear aligners to straighten your teeth without braces. An Invisalign retainer can be considerably more comfortable than the traditional braces. They are made from plastic that is custom-fitted to your mouth.

You can also take out your clear aligners when you need to, and then put them back in when you are done. No need to worry about smiling with your aligner if you have an important business meeting or family photos.

You also don’t have to worry about altering your diet as you do with traditional braces. With traditional braces, you have to watch sticky, hard, and other foods, but with dental aligners, you simply take them out while you eat, brush your teeth, and put them back in.

These dental aligners are best for mild to moderate adjustment. You will get new aligners over time as your teeth begin to shift to get them to the desired position.

3. Dental Retainers

Are you wondering if you can wear a retainer without braces to straighten your teeth? A retainer is a wire-based device that you wear overnight to keep your teeth aligned after orthodontic treatment.

If your teeth are only slightly crowded or crooked, you may be able to use a fixed retainer instead of a full set of braces. Your dentist will be able to tell you if this method is suitable for your unique smile.

You should only choose retainer treatment plans if you follow close supervision from your dentist or orthodontist.

Getting Straight Teeth

If you are unhappy with your smile, there are methods to get straight teeth. Talk to your dentist to see which options are best for your unique smile. Smiling makes you more confident, so get that smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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