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How to Repair BKF File of Windows & Server without NTBackup?

Having Windows Backup BKF File or Symantec Backup Exec BKF File and want to extract data from BKF file on Windows ? If your answer is YES! Then you are at the right place. Here the article provides a guided pathway to repair BKF file in few steps. In this article, we will explain a common method that can work irrespective of Windows editions. So, keep reading to gather more information regarding this topic.

Data importance is one of the major issues in today’s time. Because of them, we lost a lot of things that are valuable to us. So we keep back-upping our important records from time to time. But what if these backed-up files also get corrupted? We can’t restore and view easily without any problem ? Shall we lose everything?

BKF is a Windows Backup file created through NTBackup or Symantec Backup Exec utilities. It has also known as BKF – Backup File. BKF files are used to backup, protect, secure, and restore files and data stored on computer. A BKF format of file can store all types of data (files, folders, media, and data files) are stored on Windows NT version of systems.

Common Possible Reasons of BKF File Corruption

This detail does exclude all potential reasons for BKF File corruption however proposes thoughts for the most widely recognized causes as it were.

  • One of the most widely recognized reasons for BKF file corruption is that file are being put away or gotten to on a fragmented drive.
  • Computer closures, power floods, cntrl+alt+deleting while a record is open, can all be reasons for BKF file corruption.
  • Viruses might cause manifestations like to BKF file corruption.
  • In the event that a record is a duplicate of a duplicate and so forth, this can cause – Corruption in BKF file to ‘spread’.
  • One of the common reasons for BKF file corruption is a power failure while the back upping Windows data through NTBackup utility.

Thus, it clearly mentioned some of the important causes of corrupt BKF file. However, there is no manual way to repair BKF file. Therefore, we need a professional method to repair BKF file and restore data from BKF file.

The Ultimate Solution – BKF Repair Tool for Windows

If you want to repair BKF file and restore data from BKF Windows 10 or other editions file. We need an ultimate solution called – BKF Repair Tool Software. This utility will restore data from any BKF file created by Windows backup utility or NTBackup utility. The BKF Repair Software is easy to use and helps you with the best elements giving you 100 percent exact outcomes. The Wizard restore all kinds of files stored in Corrupt BKF file. Also, the BKF file size doesn’t matter while restoring the process.

Besides this, the application gives many features including many searches modes. It also preserves the internal folder hierarchy structure of BKF file while restoring the process. There is no restriction on restoring BKF file data in this software process. One can easily use this application on any Windows Server or Windows Workstation computer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Repair BKF File

The BKF Restore Tool is a very easy utility to repair Windows Backup BKF file. The product itself guides the process to the clients to restore and extract data from BKF file. In any case, let me give out the method to repair BKF file in the most straightforward manner conceivable. Follow the essential basic steps to follow the BKF Restore Tool process: –

  • Start the application on your Windows and Windows Server Computer.
  • Now you have to browse the BKF file through Open File option.
  • The BKF Repair Tool start analyzing or scanning folders in selected BKF file.
  • When the scanning process is done, you can explore BKF files.
  • Here, choose the required folders from the list of given folders.
  • Now, press the restore button to proceed to next.
  • Select the location path where you want to save repaired data from BKF file.
  • When all is done, press the next button to start restoring the procedure.

Trial Edition of BKF Repair Tool

The previously mentioned procedure is performed utilizing the product to restore data from Corrupt BKF file. Furthermore, along these lines, the solution got a few limits on the demo edition. One can utilize the solution to restore BKF file data when it corrupt. But trial mode only allows you to explorer BKF file folders. To restore BKF file data, you need to purchase the solution. For this, spend your money to buy a product key to activate the solution for lifetime use.

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Top Capabilities & Advantages of BKF Repair / Restore Software

You can observe many applications that can play out the task to repair BKF file. Be that as it may, the proficiency and the elements of the BR BKF Repair Tool are exceptional. Here are the reasons why you ought to pick this solution to Extract data from BKF file: –

  • Quick Folder Scanning Mode:

The solution has inbuilt facility to scan data from corrupted, harassed, & damaged BKF file. The software search all folders inside BKF file without NTBackup utility. With the help of this technology, one can easily get repairable list of folders from BKF file.

  • Mark only Required Data Folder:

The program gives the facility to its clients to select only the required data from the list. One can easily get only required data folders from BKF file in few seconds.

  • Preserve BKF Folder Hierarchy:

One of the best features of this utility can hold the original folder hierarchy structure while the process. There are no changes in the folder structure during the BKF restore procedure.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

The solution accompanies a simple to-utilize communication with top functionalities inserted in the solution which can be worked even by fledgling clients.

  • Adaptability to Pick Any Resultant Location:

The application permits you to store the resultant BKF file extracted data in your favored area to location. Either pick the default area i.e., Desktop or browse a suitable resultant path.

  • No Restriction on the File Size:

The solution offers you to repair any size BKF file as you need in the product for restoring data. Also, there is no restriction on the restore folder and files sizes without any issues.

  • Windows Supportable Utility:

The software supports all editions of Microsoft Windows and Server editions. You can easily install this application on your Windows 11 and Windows Server 2019 editions such as Windows 11, Windows 10 Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, and its lower editions.

Final Words

In this article, we have explained the complete way to extract data from Corrupt BKF File. This post is proving to be the best and most reliable solution to repair BKF file. One can easily use this application to export BKF file data from corrupted files easily. The application works on all editions of Microsoft Windows and Server machines without any issues. One can utilize the solution to restore BKF file data when it corrupt. But trial mode only allows you to explorer BKF file folders. To restore BKF file data, you need to purchase the solution. Also, you can visit the official page to get free support regarding this product.

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