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How to Throw an Awesome Game Day Party with Friends and Family

How to Throw an Awesome Game Day Party with Friends and Family

The top ten sporting events in the USA are based around football, basketball, golf, baseball, and tennis. America is a country that relies on sports to bring everyone together. Throughout the year, you can catch local bars filled with sports enthusiasts cheering and talking smack.

This year, you’ve decided to host your own game day party. You know you want to invite friends and family into your home to watch the game together, but you’re not sure how to begin party planning. Continue reading the guide below for a list of several party tips when planning a game day watch party!

Provide Quality Food and Beverages

You can’t throw a party without delicious food and cold beverages. It’s always a good idea to provide a variety of finger foods that guests can easily grab and go. You should also ensure the food you offer is of high quality so guests feel full and satisfied throughout the entire day.

Using a Waygu & Berkshire Pork seller online to purchase your meat from is ideal. Fill a cooler with ice and alcoholic beverages and another with water, soda, and juice. This gives everyone enough options.

Set Up Enough Seating Areas

To be a good host, you need to keep your guests’ comfort in mind. Take a look at your guest list. How many sports fans do you anticipate attending your party?

Once you have a rough number, you then need to make sure you have enough seats for everyone. Bring out the foldable chairs and set a few up in the living room. Provide extra stools in the kitchen and throw some pillows on the floor.

Create a Space For Children’s Entertainment

The majority of your party guests will have children, and the majority of them might not have a babysitter for the day. To make sure all your guests feel welcomed and relaxed during the party, create a separate space for children’s entertainment. Block off a playroom or space outside where the children can play freely.

Turn the television on for them, place a variety of children’s toys in the room, and set up their own personal food and beverage table with a trashcan.

Take the Party Outdoors

Hosting a party inside your own home can oftentimes become stressful. If you want to keep the mess to a minimum, then consider taking the party outdoors. Use your outdoor television and set up a table and lots of chairs outside.

Make sure guests have access to everything they need outdoors, so the only reason they should go inside is to use the restroom. This will help keep your home clean and tidy even while throwing a party.

Let’s Plan the Best Game Day Party in the Neighborhood

With game day right around the corner, it’s time to start planning the ultimate game day party! Follow all of the party tips listed above to help you put together a sports party the entire neighborhood will be talking about. Gather all your food and beverages, round up enough seating, provide the children with something to keep them busy, and have fun!

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