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Is Tinder free? And what options are available for free?

Gone are the days when Tinder was completely free. Tinder now offers premium versions of its application, supposed to boost your chances of matching. But is it really necessary to upgrade to the paid version to meet people? Nothing is less sure. Let’s see the different options offered by Tinder to assess whether the paid versions are worth it or not.

Tinder: new paid versions

It was in 2015 that Tinder launched its paid version: Tinder Plus. Since then, we’ve also witnessed the birth of Tinder Gold, the app’s even higher level. In fact, what is most surprising is more than the application has remained completely free for so long! But we can’t say that it was a bad strategy because it obviously helped make Tinder THE benchmark for online dating.

But the appearance of these new versions does not mean that the free version of Tinder is gone. On the contrary, it remains the preferred choice of most users of the app. Granted, you won’t have as many options as if you subscribe to the paid version, but you will still be able to use the main features of the app Tinder Gold Apk.

A paid version can give you a boost. On the other hand, if you don’t put effort into your profile, it may not really make a big difference. Indeed, the best strategy to meet girls via Tinder is still to take care of your profile!

What do the paid versions offer?

tinder plus tinder gold

Of course, the big question is, what’s the difference between the free version and the paid version of Tinder? This is what will allow you to decide which version to choose to make the maximum number of matches.

So let’s see what options Tinder offers you in these paid versions Apk on page:

What does Tinder Plus offer?

  • The unlimited number of likes: because on the free version, you are limited to 50 likes per day. The Tinder Plus version, therefore, allows you to like as much as you want, without any limit.
  • The rollback option: allows you to catch up with the famous accidental swipe!
  • 5 super likes per day: while the free version only offers you one per day, here you can send 5 daily, which can allow you to get noticed by the profiles that you really liked.
  • 1 boost per month: the boost allows you to boost the visibility of your profile for 30 minutes in your geographical area. This means that for 30 minutes, your profile will be privileged to appear on users’ screens.
  • Swipe worldwide: if you are generally limited by your geographical area, this option gives you access to profiles from around the world by allowing you to change your location. Plan ahead for your next vacation!

What does Tinder Gold offer?

see who likes you

Tinder Gold is sort of the next level of Tinder Plus. In fact, to have access to it, you must already have subscribed to Tinder Plus. It’s the elite of the elite in a way. In terms of functionality, it’s exactly the same as Tinder Plus, with only one additional option, but not least: you have access to the profiles that have liked you. You can see who flashed on your profile and thus avoid losing matches! So you are one step ahead!

This is also a fairly radical change on the part of Tinder, which previously advocated anonymity. The profiles could only be discovered in the event of a match. There you can find out in advance who liked your profile. So, yes, it’s very flattering to see who liked you, but in reality, it doesn’t change the number of matches you are likely to make!

Tips and tricks:
If you decide to subscribe to Tinder Gold, be aware that this will not influence the number of likes that your profile will receive. However, you can use this feature to assess the quality of your profile. You may find that the number of likes increases as you fill in your description, or choose photos that really make you look good. This can be a good tool to see what works and what works less in your profile.

The prices of the paid options

The prices of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold depend on several things, so you won’t all be in the same boat. Thus, the price depends on your age: if you are under 30, the subscription will cost you less. In addition, the price also depends on your success on the app: the more matches you make, the lower the price. Thus, for a subscription to Tinder Plus, you pay between 1.99 euros and 19.99 euros. 6 levels will determine the rate that applies to your case.

tinder rate

Tinder Gold costs you more and remains conditioned on your age and other variables such as your success on the application. If you are under 30 years old, a monthly subscription will cost you 14.99 euros (the price then drops if you choose to subscribe for 6 months or one year), and if you are over 30 years old, then the price increases to 29.98 euros, or 14.16 euros monthly if you subscribe for one year.

The prices for Tinder Plus can therefore be particularly low. But again, it’s all going to depend on your profile. It will therefore be necessary to take into consideration the price that applies to you to make your decision whether or not to subscribe to the paid version. As for Tinder Gold, the prices seem a bit excessive compared to the service offered.

Do you have to pay to be successful in dating?

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold can give you great options. From there to say that these new features are going to make a huge difference compared to a free Tinder user, is another thing. Indeed, the functions offered by the paid versions of the application will give you a boost, but will not radically change the situation. This is additional help, but the heart of what makes your success on the application is still your profile.

Granted, with the free version you can only send 50 likes per day, but isn’t 50 likes already huge? Likewise, Tinder Gold offers you to see who liked your profile. But will it make a real difference? If you don’t like the person who liked you, what does that change? It’s flattering, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean that this person will suddenly meet your expectations!

For us, it is absolutely not necessary to subscribe to the paid option if you want to do more matches. To really be successful on Tinder, the main thing is to take good care of your profile to stand out from the crowd and stand out from other users. This is what will make you more successful on the app. The rest can certainly be a nice boost, but you have other options to boost your success before you decide to upgrade to the paid option.

Is Free Tinder Still Worth It?

tinder free version

The answer is yes, without hesitation. The free version still allows you to swipe between profiles, even if the number of likes is now limited. However, if you live in a small or medium city, you will quickly see that 50 likes per day are more than enough! You might even have a hard time finding 50 girls you like! You can also always trade with the profiles with which you have matched. Tinder Free, therefore, retains the main functions that are the heart of the application.

Free Tinder has now lost some of its strengths in favor of the paid version. But that doesn’t mean the free version isn’t worth anything anymore. What will make the difference is your attitude on the application: a good profile, beautiful photos, superb first messages, etc. These are all the things that will make the difference, and not the fact of subscribing to the paid versions.

Our conclusion on this subject is that it is better to know how to go about it with the free version rather than to go about it badly with the paid version!

Of course, everything will also depend on the tariff that applies to your case! But in our opinion, subscribing to a paid version does not in any way guarantee your success on the app. It is you, your attitude, your interactions with users that will make your success on the application. No matter how much you boost your profile, if the description is empty and your photos don’t showcase you, it won’t get you anywhere!

Our recommendation:
Start by taking care of your profile on the free Tinder. This is the first mandatory step to make your profile really attractive to as many girls as possible. If then again, you can’t seem to make matches, then you might have to think about switching to one of the paid versions of Tinder, but it’s kind of a last resort.
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