Is Your SEO Expert Using Black Hat Techniques?

Many newborn start-ups end up being devoure by SEO companies who scam them and charge a high amount of money. Small businesses spend large amounts to get a higher rank. But all their websites are destroyed using black hat techniques by the SEO expert they trusted.

But let that not happen to you. In this article, you will learn whether an SEO company in Sydney that you chose for the growth of your business is putting in the right strategies in place.

Signs That The SEO Company Is Harming Your Website

Never sit idle and wait for the results to grow. Instead, start checking what they are doing in reality during the first months of the deal. If you see these, then definitely they are harming your site—

Nothing to deliver: They should have an SEO audit, good content, internally linked articles to show you. There might not be top-notch results. But, they should have some proof about what they did with your money.

  • Nothing to ask: They should ask you for a list of keywords, access to social media, Google webmaster, Google analytics, editor access of CMS, and more. If they are not asking, then they are doing something potentially harmful. A reputable organization will try to work alongside you to make your company’s site and visibility the best among its kind. It will keep on asking things to know more about how the site is doing presently to understand what needs to be implemented for an organic growth rate. 
  • Giving no improvement suggestions: Many scam companies add some linkbacks to get high results with no effort. A reputable SEO company in Sydney will keep on interacting with the clients, give recommendations and suggestions to their needs. There are high chances that they are using specific illegitimate techniques just to increase the reach and give you instant results. But, such implementation can put the brand image in immense danger and bring the site down.
  • Reluctant to share techniques: If they are not disclosing their practices calling it confidential information, or they are ignoring your needs, then you can take it as a scam. Most of the time, if they are ignoring your call when you want to know how things are working on the interior, then it’s a huge cause to be suspicious. 
  • Drop-in rankings: It can be due to a wide range of reasons. Therefore, no need to obsess over them. A steady decrease can be think of as caution and pain. This will indicate that the company is performing certain wrong deeds on your site against the laws just to increase the reach. 
  • Drop-in traffic: This is due to an algorithm problem. The decline must have been due to certain unwanted changes implemented on the site.

More Situation Which Can Speak Of Scam

From Google analytics, you should have a clear idea regarding the primary organic keywords. If they are changing suddenly and you are not gaining traffic from the organic words, then there might be a chance of foul activities. 

If your site is getting many linkbacks from unwanted spam sites, then your link profile has been messed up. Getting a sudden manual penalty is not at all good news. But you can get suspicious and ask them why your site was penalized. 

How To Understand Whether The SEO Company Is Fully Dedicated Towards The Work?

SEO is essential for your website’s growth in today’s digital whereabouts. There are plenty of hardworking SEO institutions, and not all of them are betraying you with black hat techniques. But, you never want the money you have earned by working so hard to be wasted. Below we have given some points which if an SEO company is offering means they are dedicated towards their work and clients.

  • Giving Well Thought Recommendations: A reputed organization will always try to provide as many suggestions as possible to improve from your side because they want sustainable growth and partnership between their company and yours. You will hopefully get the results you have desired in terms of SEO if you comply with their requests. Some of the most common things SEO companies would ask you to work on would be developing a content framework, adding image alt tags, being active on social media marketing platforms and incorporating them with your website, start blogging, create link audits, and more. Some of the processes are genuinely costly, and you might think that the company might be cheating on you. But that may not be the situation because SEO edits can cost pretty much at certain times. Do remember that these are for your company to surpass all its limits and shine brighter. Some companies can break the contract if the client doesn’t cooperate. That can be disrespectful, but it makes sure that they are not into scamming their clients. 
  • Steadily Increasing Ranks And Traffic: It is one of the signals that you have signed the deal with the perfect SEO organization. It is normal to shift up and down by a few steps. But day after day, if you drop by a large number of positions, it is not a good signal. Other good signs include if your ranks are due to specific keywords or long-tailed ones and if your site appears on Google’s front side. 
  • Marked Increase In Revenue Generation: There are high chances that you notice a sudden decrease in traffic. But, this is not a case of concern if your revenue soars high. You need to be suspicious of the company only if both revenue and traffic fall simultaneously. Remember that for making money, you need the right target audience or good traffic because you don’t want to end up with massive traffic on your site and no conversion rates. 
  • Regular Reports And Audits Of Work: You are paying money to a firm, and you have the full authority to ask them what they are doing with your site. They should be able to provide some documented proof to prove their point. They can provide a list of websites sending backlinks to your site, audit documents, new content suitable for higher ranks, and more.

How To Work With An SEO Company?

First, be patient and do your research. SEO generally takes time, and there might not be immediate results. Learn and upgrade your knowledge on SEO so that you know what is exactly happening with your site. Secondly, work alongside the company as partners and share their work. It will help you stay in touch with the processes. Don’t expect a guarantee or refund because there is no success guarantee in SEO. Have a clear picture of your requirements from the agency. Is it content creation, keywords, local optimization, increase conversion rates or create linkbacks? Lastly, ask questions and monitor the company’s work on your site. Continuously demand reports of ongoing work. You are paying them for a reason. So, you have the right to know how they are working on your site.


The perfect SEO company in Sydney will give you continuous reports on how they are working and provide suggestions. Steadily you will see a growth in ranking, and even if the traffic drops, the revenue should eventually grow. With the above points, you can observe who is harming your website with black hat techniques.

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