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 Karwa Chauth Gifts Perfect to Celebrate with Love

India is a country well-known for a multiplicity of cultures and festivals. One such occasion that is celebrated by Hindu married women is Karwa Chauth. It is based on the Hindu lunisolar calendar and the festival usually falls on the fourth day after the full moon on the month of Karthik. Now, the tradition is changing and husband and wife surprising each other with karwa chauth gifts. 

On this occasion wives in the country especially in the north observe fast from sunrise to moonrise for the longevity and wellness of their husband.

Vivid rituals are performed on this day along with fast for their husband’s prosperity. During this divine hour’s women wear Karrwa Chauth special dresses like lehenga or other traditional costumes.

Also, it is customary to send sargi (food for fasting women) and other karwa chauth gifts to vritu (fast) taking women by her mother-in-law and other relatives. If she resides along with mother-in-law then the pre-dawn meal is cooked by mother-in-law.

Nowadays people live far away from their native and so people find it hard to send gifts. However, the recent emergence of online gift portals had put an end to such hardship.

As the web pages offer assortment varieties of divine gifts, the shopping experience has become easier. Nevertheless, the facility of door-delivery worldwide brought the distant relations closer.

If you are planning to send gifts to your dearer ones then have a glance at the given below the content. The mentioned karwa chauth gift ideas are unique and are sure to please your beloved.

Karwa Chauth Gift Bag And Pooja Samagri

Send your care and affection in the form of a karwa Chauth gift bag to your loved one via karwa chauth gifts express delivery. The set comprises a handcrafted amazing karwa(Pot), an attractive leather bag, a marvelous banarasi dupatta.

Also, it contains a Kundan worked alluring necklace and earring set, with pooja saman. On the leading online portals, you can find the set along with varied combinations.

Pick the combo that pleases you and send it to your dearer ones. Let the gift add glow to this auspicious day and bring well-being to your beloved’s family.               

Green Kundan Earrings With Seed Mix Snack

Green is a color of growth, harmony, environment, and energy. So, on this karwa chauth shower your well-wishes and blessing to vrithu taking daughter-in-law with this greenery karwa chauth combo. It consists of intrinsically Kundan-designed earrings, along with a healthy set of seed mix.

You can pair it with the sweetness of kulfi pistachio dragees and add on further sweetness to the day. This will be the perfect gift to send for karwa chauth celebrating women. On the online web pages, you can find it with the feasibility of same-day delivery. So order and bestow your endearment to your beloved one.

Lovely Regal Red And Kundan Polki Necklace Set 

Are you looking for a traditional gift for your beloved in this modern society? Then this set is for you folks! Regal red and Polki necklace set is a blend of traditional and contemporary style. The combo with a stunning necklace of beads and earrings will be a unique karwa chauth gift ideas.

Nevertheless, red is a symbol of love and so it will be a perfect gift to convey your emotion to your wife on this day. Add on attire to your lady and make them attract every eye on the occasion by presenting this beautiful distinctive gift.  

Dry Fruits With Personalized Wooden Holder

Never forget to greet your mother-in-law on this auspicious occasion. Keep her healthy and convey your care for her by sending a hamper of nutritious dry fruits.

The mixture of healthy almonds, tasty pistachio, and delicious cashew will express your caring nature to her. Accompany it with a customized wooden shot glass holder and add on beauty to her table.

It can be personalized with the name of your mom like mother-in-law along with a meaningful message. So pick and send this set for expressing your love to dear ones. 

Karwa Chauth Pooja Set With Kurta

If you are looking for a gorgeous thali set gift for your fiancée then this alluring combo will be the best. The combo comprises beautifully designed karwa, handcrafted pooja thali, and attractively Kundan worked necklace and earrings.

Moreover, it has two pieces of Kurta, two sets of potli consisting of dry fruits, and sargi. At the leading online portals, you can still find this karwa chauth thali set with many more combinations.

Explore and send the best one and zest your future partner. Letting the gift not only makes this auspicious day beautiful but also your relationship. 

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Karwa Hamper With Kaju Katli And Chocolate

Karwa (pot) is an important part of this auspicious occasion. It is used to drink water after seeing the moonrise by the vritu taking women representing the completion of the occasion.

So, on this divine day, make your chocoholic loved ones happy and the event sweeter by presenting a bar of dark chocolate along with Kaju katli. At online sites, this mesmerizing pot is also provided with vivid gift sets.

Therefore, select as per your discretion and send to fasting women on this day. The delicacy of sweet boxes and bars will uplift the ambiance of the day along with delighting the receiver’s heart.

Karwa Chauth Gift With Skin Care Set

If you wish to relate a philocalist virtu taking loved ones, then this hamper will be an ideal choice. The set consists of an impressive painted karwa with a natural cream set (deep cleaning face wash and all-day hydrating moisturizer) along with a beautiful pendant and puja samagri.

The online web page also offers it with a varied combo like containers, dried mix, and so on. Find the best for your beloved one from the reliable online portal. Let the set bring a widening smile to the recipient and elevate the day to another level.


Surfing and finding the best gifts for karwa chauth at e-portals is easy and hectic-free. But there are a few important things that you need to look at before ordering gifts online. If you want to know those ideas then have a glimpse at the given-below content.

Choose The Reliable Portal

Never fall for fake promises and advertisements offered by the online portals. There are e-portals that offer attractive offers and promises, but when it comes to reality it is contradictory.

So to avoid being prey to such online stores, order gifts from the page that offers the best service. You can understand it from reading the reviews.

Pick The Gift According To Her Likings

Most of the time people tend to make mistakes in choosing the right gift. They pick a present which is adored by them rather than the liking of a better-half. Therefore, before clicking buy now for the gift make sure about the preference of the recipient.

Delivery Benefit

Another important thing is to ensure the delivery service of the chosen online portal. Because if the gifts are received the day after the event then they will be of no use. Also, your hard-earned money will be forgotten for no reason. Hence know the dispatchment performance before ordering at the online portal.

Wrapping Up

The above-given are the best karwa chauth gifts you can find at online portals. Also listed are the few things you need to take care of while picking online. Hope the content aids to pick the best gift for this auspicious occasion. 

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