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Moroccan Kaftan Wedding Dress with Hand Embroidered Moroccan Traditions

The culture of Morocco refers to the culture or cultures — behaviours, customs, knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, etc. — of Moroccan society. Moroccan culture is primarily Muslim, and it represents a confluence of influences: from Arabic to European and more.

Moroccan wedding wear customs are veiled by many myths. However, the real customs of Morocco may seem strange and unusual for many. It’s always a highlight of every wedding scene, with regards to the dresses, the bride has chosen. In Morocco, the Moroccan wedding dress is traditionally called a Takchita. Here, we will refer to them simply as a Moroccan wedding Kaftan. These dresses are designed specifically for the bride — Moroccan Kaftan Wedding Dress.

The choice of Moroccan Wedding Kaftan generally depends upon the different events during the course of wedding. For most traditional weddings, the bride will prefer to wear a green Moroccan wedding Kaftan for the henna ceremony. Most brides will also choose a white or cream dress when they are presented in the Amaria. Other colours they choose may depend on their style preferences. Often the dress for the dinner portion of the evening is blue. Some brides will choose to wear an outfit that represents each of the seven regions of Morocco.

One of our favourite Moroccan Designer Kaftans wedding dresses is the Amazigh styled Kaftan. It will vary a bit, as each area, and even village, has its own unique spin on it. It is definitely the most unique of the regional Wedding Dress kaftan.

Moroccan wedding Kaftans are highly embellished, intricately designed works of art. You can choose to go with the most elaborate option, including heavy beading and embroidery. This is great for winter or fall weddings when the air is cooler. Or, you can go for a more modernized version of a Moroccan wedding dress.

We believe that the bride should not be uncomfortable. Moroccan Wedding Kaftans from Kolkozy are unusual, figure flattering and above all comfortable. They are made to stand out in the bridal world and to make your guests adore you for it being your wedding occasion.

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