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Pakistani Jewellery is the Latest Fashion Trend in UK

Jewellery trends of 2021

Fashion trends tend to change into something unique and exceptional every day. Similarly, jewellery is one of the many fashion trends that are continuously modified with each passing year and by looking as to what is considered trendy, bridal Pakistani jewellery has become quite popular in the UK. The desire of women to adorn themselves in jewels comes from ancient times and has been followed ever since.

Jewellery in Pakistan tends to change every year specifically during the wedding season or on festive occasions and continues to progress from there onwards. Such formal events play an important role in advancing towards new fashion trends that make artisans go wild with their imagination and create unique and modest styles.

Jewellery- defining culture and traditions

Jewellery symbolizes different values and meanings to a lot of people and the value of those symbols can change depending upon what the person feels while wearing it. For instance, a person might feel protected while wearing a piece of jewel.

Similarly, these emblems can be used to convey the feelings that people have for each other. Therefore, that piece of ornament becomes eloquent to the one who is wearing it.

The origin of Pakistani jewellery

The introduction of traditional jewellery came along with the arrival of the Arabs and it blended quite well with Asian culture as skilled crafting was done and extravagant pieces were created that looked quite supreme and regal.

Pakistani jewellery is recognized and well known globally because of its exquisite designs and intricate details that make it unique as it represents their culture and traditions.

Jewellery trends that are meant to stay

Since every place has its own culture, therefore, recent trends in jewellery might change according to the customs of a particular place but the overall concept remains the same.

As people of Pakistan like to follow certain cultural traditions, hence, events such as weddings have always been held luxuriously and therefore jewellery is something that holds great importance besides other arrangements in these events. Moreover, since these events are held on a very enormous level in the UK hence Pakistani jewellery gains a lot of recognition in these events.

Trendy looks and antique pieces

The latest trends and phenomenal designs of the Pakistani culture are usually displayed through the dress code as well as the jewels worn by those people. That is why the people living in the UK are greatly inspired by the magnificent embellishments displayed in Pakistani jewellery and they acquire similar pieces of such ornaments but in a different style.

From metal to ornament- an artistic process

The aspect that makes Pakistani jewellery stand out among others is the way its created and crafted. It requires skilled craftsmen to produce minute details and exquisite engravings and create something beautiful.

Mostly, traditional methods are used to produce handmade and exceptional designs that increase its worth as well as its beauty. Since a wide range of options is available and different hues are being used thus it is possible to depict different cultures through these remarkable pieces of ornaments. These ornaments are embellished with gems and stones in order to make them look more attractive and then are displayed in jewellery showrooms.

The incredible jewellery pieces are then bought and worn by people and as a result becomes a source of inspiration for others.

Make a statement with your jewellery!

Since jewellery is a form of expression and every woman that is adorned in jewels in itself is a statement, therefore, these ornaments symbolize their cultural preferences as well as their personal beliefs.

Thus, the importance of traditions is particularly exhibited through these ornaments and it can hold a different perspective for every individual.

Gold jewellery- an expression in itself

There is no denying the fact that new styles determine new trends, but gold has always held significance on other metals and has remained constant over time because not only it displays an individual’s status, but it also leaves a huge impact because of its ethnic connotation.

Purchasing gold jewellery pieces can be considered a sound investment as it has a timeless appeal and can be worn on various occasions.

A fusion of traditional styles and modern designs

Bracelets, jhumkas, and chokers have become the latest trend of Pakistani jewellery, and different variations in these ornaments have resulted in precious intricate styles. For instance, vintage and kundan jewellery has reached new heights due to the artistry skills of the craftsman and it brings back the old traditional vibes of the Mughal era where women adorned themselves with elegant pieces that showcased their royalty as well as their elegance.

Similarly, the gorgeous pearls in combination with the sparkling stones create a perfect balanced look between old and new jewellery styles that appear neither traditional nor modern but can pull off quite the statement. Hairdo jewellery that was a thing of the realms of the past is now back from ancient times and has become a popular item for women. Nowadays, an event is incomplete without ornaments that are adorned in your hair to make them look graceful.

Alternative to expensive jewellery

As the latest technologies have led to greater advancements, therefore people have shifted towards imitation or artificial jewellery as it allows them to have affordable but elegant pieces. Imitation jewellery has become quite popular as influencers on different social media platforms have started displaying artificial jewellery as an alternative to expensive jewellery such as gold and diamond.

Taking a look at the latest styles and trends in Pakistani jewellery, it is not wrong to say that wearing exquisite jewellery has been added to the wish list of people who are living around the world and love to follow fashion trends.

A number of Pakistani stores based in the UK offer varying styles and different types of jewellery ranging from floral earrings to choker necklaces that can be worn on any formal or special event. For many years, jewellery has captivated people of all ages and cultures. Hence, wearing jewels on a special occasion is not only a mere tradition but is also favoured by people of modern times.

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