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Perks Of Having An Artificial Lawn

An artificial lawn is a surface that seemingly looks like it is filled with grass. But in actuality, it is a surface full of blade-shaped synthetic grass-like mat that looks like natural grass. The buzz around it started when Astroturf used it for the Houston Astrodome’s Baseball field in 1966. Since then, it has made sensational appearances in many sports that used to be played traditionally on the grass, which are football, cricket, golf, field hockey, tennis, rugby, and more. Following their example and the immense success of fake grass, Hollywood soon followed, replacing the red carpet with an artificial grass surface. 

Parties with “Go Green” themes, ironically, started using them. Soon it became a household name, an enigma, something to try out. It is now used for landscaping the yards, thus getting its name artificial lawn, for making indoor golf or personal lawn tennis fields. It is making a name in the field of interior design, used for a natural tint in our houses. This grass lasts for almost 10-15 years, depending on usage. And the third generation of artificial grass (the third is the ongoing one) consists of different types of finishes depending on what your requirement is –

  • Oval fiber
  • Diamond delustered fiber
  • Vista fiber
  • 3D ‘W’ fiber
  • Flattened oval with spine fiber
  • Omega fiber
  • Mini ‘C’ shaped fiber
  • Mini ‘W’ shaped fiber
  • ‘M’ shaped fiber

Even though there is a difference in the formation of the blade, all third-generation grasses are of the most common form of plastic, polythene. 

But for all its environmental treachery, artificial lawn has its perks.

Perks of Artificial Lawns

  • Weather is no issue – It doesn’t get muddy in the rain; it doesn’t get dry in the sun. Whatever the weather is, the grass will always be green and amiable.
  • Low maintenance – It doesn’t grow naturally, so you do not need to mow it, nor does it need any watering or pesticides to survive. It is very convenient for people who do not have the time to care for their lawns or stay away from home. 
  • Cost-effective – It does not need pesticides or fertilizers, or weed killers. And it does not have to be watered, saving the money of installing sprinklers and hoses and thus reducing a big cut on the water bill.
  • It provides options- You can choose whatever color, texture, design, or density you wish. And you won’t have to hire a landscaper or a gardener to get it done and keep it proper and trim. 
  • Drainage- It has excellent drainage capacity and often dries quicker than natural grass. 
  • Reusable – If you have no use of the turf on your lawn and wish to fit it somewhere, you can do it (given the dimensions are inside what you already have). 
  • Versatile – It has no boundaries that you have to use it on lawns or backyards. You can use it anywhere. In your balcony, rooftop, gym, or even study to give it a green vibe!
  • Longevity- It lasts for almost a decade, maybe more, depending on the usage and the conditions. 
  • Pet friendly – The grass can’t be dug up or soiled by your pet, and it is easy to clean any animal waste with just a little bit of detergent.
  • Kids friendly – It doesn’t contain any pesticides or chemicals and doesn’t cause illnesses like hay fever. It is also soft and mess-free.
  • Re-usable – Since it’s plastic, it is recyclable and reused, making it eco-friendly.
  • UV stabilized- It has protection from the sun and doesn’t lose its vibrancy under the effects of the sun.

Final Words

Titan Turf is one of the first and best choices for artificial turfs. Artificial lawn is one of the necessities of life and gives us an option with a long list of perks and thus is the better option.

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