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Rome Vacations : Rome Travel Tips

Rome Vacations

 Italy is one of the best places to travel if you want to witness the epitome of European architecture, fashion, food, and culture. The history of Italy and its multicultural traditions have made it a huge tourist attraction today. Rome, the capital of Italy is home to many beautiful relics, food, and homes that are ready to welcome you. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind before you travel to Rome. They are nothing but common knowledge and courtesy that you should follow while in Rome. These tips are going to help you a lot on your Rome vacations You can thank us later!

1. Carry cash-

It is advisable that while in Rome, you carry some cash in local currency with you. Make sure you don’t just have big currency notes.l Small units of their currency apart from Euros are going to come in handy to tip, pay for a coffee or buy a cheap souvenir. Most of the high-end places, restaurants, and tourist attractions also, accept card and online payments, but small local stores or cafes might not, so if you don’t want to miss out on them, carry some extra cash with you.


Tipping the person who is helping to make your experience better, like a waiter in a café or a restaurant is not mandatory in Italy. However, it is considered a common courtesy to tip. It may go a long way. You can choose the amount of tip you want to give, but make sure you do leave some. For this, read our first point again! Carry some cash to do the tipping. You will make someone else happy in the end, and that will make you happy too.

3. Wear comfortable shoes-

Rome is a big city, with so many tourist attractions, museums, and cafes to roam around. When you are visiting Rome, make sure you leave your vacation home with shoes that are comfortable. There’s no point roaming around in heels or office shoes. You will only end up with sore legs at the end of the day which is going to spoil your experience. Rome has stoned pavements, that get hot during the day, so it is always advisable to not wear flip flops or sandals to save yourself from that heat.

4. Buy bus tickets-

Buses in Rome are not as empty as you might think. Public transportation is widely used, so in order to have a hassle-free transfer from one place to another, buy a bus ticket in advance. You cant buy a bus ticket inside the bus like in many other countries. A ticket costs about 1.5 Euro each and is available 24 hours at the center. So you can buy it anytime. It is valid for 48 hours.

5. Dinner starts late-

If you are from the USA, you might find this odd, but dinner in Italy often starts late. If you go and sit in a restaurant at around 7 PM, you might not even get what you want to order for the dinner. It is not uncommon to go to a restaurant at around 10 PM the night in Rome. It is the time when the locals get free and go out for dinner, so the restaurants are in sync with that.

6. Get vacation rentals-

If you are planning to visit Rome, you can definitely think to rent in Rome. There are spectacular Rome vacations rental available with a good view and decent amenities. You can find them at vacation saga also. They are going to come in handy, in case you want to cook for yourself, or just enjoy at home one day savoring the view.

7. Be polite and greet people-

Whenever you enter a café, bar, shop, or restaurant, always greet people in whatever language you speak. It is not necessary that they fully understand what you’re seeing, but a greeting gesture is not that hard to make out. It is a common courtesy in Italy to greet people when you are visiting their shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. Remember, Italians love the interaction and are very friendly, and they expect you to be friendly to them too. Besides, no one likes a rude tourist.

8. Dress modestly in churches-

When you are visiting churches, always dress modestly. This is not some conservative advice but common courtesy. Every faith has its own traditions. Churches are places of faith, religion, and culture. They respect the place and expect everyone coming there to respect it too. Modesty towards other’s faith is a good virtue for everyone, and Italians cherish it. You should always follow it when in Rome.

9. Sundays best for museums-

If you are planning to visit museums, the best day is Sunday. Tickets to the museum are free on Sundays, so you don’t have to pay for them. You can visit the splendid museums with the rich art of Leonardo da Vinci and other artists for free. How great is that?

Among many others, these are the few tips for travel when you plan for Rome vacations. They are going to come in handy and will make you a good and respectable tourist for them. Also, it is always nice to follow the customs and traditions of a new place when you travel there to feel their richness.

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