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Explore Venice With your Loved one until they say “I Do,” again!

Are you planning on exploring Venice and spending a romantic time with your loved one! Make’em fall in love with you all over again…

Venice, one of the world’s most romantic cities is also a popular honeymoon spot. Now be it an idea for a perfect date with your girlfriend/boyfriend or a honeymoon, Venice is just perfect for both. Along with its romantic atmosphere, what makes the place even more charming is what you can do while there! From a dinner with a beautiful view of the Grand Canal to a popular cable car trip,These will only make you want to plan your trip to Italy as soon as possible! Here’s a list of ways you can Explore Venice With your Loved one until they say “I Do,” again!

How to Spend an Evening full  of Romance in Venice?

Watch opera at teatro la fenice

What can be better than watching a romantic opera while sitting hand in hand with your better half in a closed theatre! An inspiring romantic show can bring enough spark between you and your loved one. Ensure to explore this prehistoric opera house and enjoy a romantic ballet or live opera performance. Also, arrange a fascinating theater tour in your itinerary. Located in San Marco, this popular theater is one of the most famous landmarks in the history of Italian opera and theatre.

Enjoy a cuddly Gondola ride

In Venice, nothing could be more romantic than riding a clumsy gondola on a winding canal. If you have a serenade boatman, it will enhance the romance. He will add more love to your romantic ride by humming popular Italian melodies. Slowly passing by the beautiful Baroque and Renaissance buildings will bring you a sparkling feeling of love. After boarding, don’t worry about the high price, enjoy the journey and fully savor these romantic moments.

Explore the Dorsoduro’s bohemian atmosphere 

The cobbled streets of Dorsoduro are part of the city, in a bohemian atmosphere. While strolling, you can walk hand in hand on charming trails. If you and your partner are museum fans, make sure to pay a visit in one or two of them and immerse yourself in the history of Venice for a while. Grab some souvenirs. Be prepared, this place may be packed with tourists and locals during the Carnival season in Venice.. Plan your journey to Venice with JetBlue Book a Flight and capture the unforgettable moments full of love.

Get Around Venice on A Vaporetto

Venice’s famous water bus tour is the easiest way to commute and explore the beauty of the city. Explore the full length of the Grand Canal, nearby unspoiled islands, and watch the most magnificent palaces built on the streets of Venice while rowing. Whether you are spending a honeymoon or an annual vacation, you must experience this romantic pleasure, because it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic things in Venice, Italy. You can easily take water taxi no.1 or 2  on the Grand Canal, as it often passes between the train station and St. Mark’s Square.

Appreciate Murano’s stained glass creations

Jump on a boat and escape from the unspoiled island of Murano. Strolling on the street, blown away by the charming glass blowing art. If you want to learn more about the ancient history of the world-renowned Murano glass industry, please visit Museo del Vetro . The museum is a themed exhibition about glass, glass art and most importantly the history of Murano glass. In the Glass Museum, you can even see Murano signed stained glass works in front of you! Ask for a personalized souvenir to commemorate the time you spent in Venice.

Dine at Terrazza Danieli and enjoy charming view

One of the favorite things for couples to do in Venice at night is to dine with your partner in a place with stunning views. When the city is full of restaurants, Terrazza Danieli is one of the best places to eat. The restaurant has a beautiful terrace, magnificent views, delicious food, friendly hospitality and legendary dining experience. Make sure to spend an unforgettable dinner date with your loved ones here, and prepare with Delta Airlines Book a Flight tickets in advance to enjoy some Venetian cuisine.


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