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Switching your MAT Medications Should be done Under Reliable

Medical Supervision:


Every year, more than 500 billion USD is spent fighting the opioid addiction epidemic that has grasped the entire USA. Though the odds in favor of eradicating this epidemic are insurmountable, several modern medical and therapeutic treatments are available today that are a shining light for the suffering patients. There are times when the patients feel that they can’t climb out of the rabbit hole of substance addiction, but suboxone treatment doctors say that now there is substantial hope of attaining a long-term recovery, how difficult it might seem.

What is the MAT?

The suboxone doctors near me explain that MAT refers to medication-assisted treatment, which employs specific medications combined with behavioral therapies and counseling to offer a holistic approach of substance addiction treatment to the patients. MAT programs are generally tailor-made to cater to individual patients’ requirements, and the US FDA ideally approves them.

Suboxone doctors explain the need to make a change in MAT medications:

A brief insight into methadone:

Methadone is one of the most popular opioid agonists that has been in use for treating a patient’s long-term opioid dependency for quite some time. Though it is considered one of the most effective ways of treating a long-standing substance abuse disorder, suboxone doctors often agree unanimously upon its potential to be misused. Though methadone has been used in conjunction with therapy and counseling, it may not be suitable for every patient. Though certified treatment clinics with professional medical providers administer methadone to the patients, they feel that its efficacy is more pronounced for long-lasting dependence than short-acting opioid drugs.

Reasons for the switch:

Professionals invested in the treatment for suboxone addiction feel that there are several reasons for which a switch in the MAT medications is essential. Patients might be undergoing methadone treatment for their substance addiction for a prolonged duration, while suboxone doctors near me feel that they should be making a switch in their treatment.

  • A switch in the MAT medications might be useful in reducing specific side effects for the patient concerned.
  • The MAT medication switch will be better support for the long-term recovery for the patient.
  • The concerned patient might not be needing a full opioid agonist any more. Treatment for Suboxone could offer them the necessary support.
  • Suboxone treatment doctors say that Suboxone medication offers the convenience of take-away from the licensed and authorized pharmacy using a legitimate prescription.

Step-down is necessary after a point of time:

Suboxone doctors feel that methadone is particularly useful for patients who are first entering opioid addiction treatment for long-standing opioid abuse in high dosage. But after a certain point of time, the patients might be well-suited for a partial opioid agonist like Suboxone. The doctors specializing in the treatment for suboxone addiction believe that switching to partial opioid agonists like Suboxone helps the brain receptors to get partially activated and creates a ‘ceiling effect.’ This ceiling effect does not make the chance of relapse or misuse by preventing any euphoric impact.

How to make the MAT medication transition?

Doctors offering treatment for Suboxone say that switching MAT medications from Methadone to Suboxone requires a thorough and meticulous procedure, since methadone has a higher affinity towards opioid receptors in the brain and also creates long-lasting effects. Suboxone treatment doctors say that patients making the switch from Methadone to Suboxone need to reduce the dosage by approximately 40mg and take the new Suboxone medication more than 72 hours later since their last Methadone intake. Since tapering from high doses creates mildly discomforting symptoms, treatment for Suboxone is preferable for immensely motivated patients.

Suboxone doctors near me say that the switching procedure might be standard, but it is a meticulous and highly risky one. Therefore, the process should never be rushed, and a knowledgeable medical provider must monitor it. The presence of an authentic medical provider with a formidable support staff backing could make the transition from Methadone to Suboxone seamless without encountering any hiccups. Patients undergoing Virtual Outpatient Treatment might obtain the benefits of making the switch before their counselors and doctors who monitor the transition online and offer their valuable advice during this pandemic.

Summing up:

Suboxone doctors proclaim that it is essential to stay in contact with the support network and continue the counselor’s sessions while a patient is undergoing a MAT medication transition. The objective of the transition period is to manage the entire procedure meticulously and minimize the side-effects. It would help the suboxone treatment doctors to ensure that the patient is not encountering any withdrawal symptoms while making daily improvements in their lives and moving towards long-term recovery.

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