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The Best Ways To Use Blinds And Curtains

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A beautiful house depicts a part of our personality, and somewhere we put in extra efforts to enhance the overall appearance. Curtains and blinds are a crucial part of the home décor as they go a long way in giving a fresh feel and look to space. There are several kinds of blinds ranging from wood blinds and metal blinds to PVC blinds and more. 

When it comes to common problems like privacy and controlling the light entering a room, stylish, energy-efficient and convenient solutions are blinds and curtains. Most households choose any of these two, but you can benefit more by using both together. However, if you want a flawless combination of these two, there are a few things you need to remember. Discussed below are the best ways to use blinds and curtains. 

Pair Them Correctly

Installing curtains and blinds in the right way can create an illusion of a bigger window to make the room look much higher than it is. It will make an excellent first impression. Choose the right curtain colour to go with the blinds and indoors of your house. The secret is installing curtains a few inches below the ceiling or hiding the rods at almost the same level as blinds by stretching them around 15 inches beyond the window. 

Drape the Curtains over Blinds

Draping the curtain over blinds in the right way adds a warm, mellow and relaxed feel to your room. If you have been striving to achieve a complete, rich and fuller look to your room, layering the curtains over the blinds is the best way out. 

Match the Colours of Blinds and Curtains with the Curtain Rod Colour

Once you match the colour combination of the blinds and curtains, it’s essential to choose a rod with a similar hue. If not, the mixture may end up looking hideous. The hardware should always match the dressings and drapes of your windows. Avoid pairing your blinds and curtains with shiny golden or silver rods as these bright colours reflect light and steal the subtle look you have chosen for your windows. Opt for beige or matte grey colours to preserve the simplicity and beauty of the combination of your blinds and curtains. The same applies to curtain tracks India

Avoid Using Printed Curtains Over Textured Blinds

Avoid a combination of textured blinds with printed curtains as this can make your room look very bold. It could turn out to be tedious and harsh, taking away the subtlety of the space. The right combination would be to pair blinds in single solid colours with beautifully textured curtains with motifs. It would be even better if the blind colour has something in common with the fabric of the curtain. 

You don’t have to choose curtain over blind or vice versa. Now that you know the best ways to use blinds as well as curtains, use them together and wow your guests with this fantastic window treatment option. While choosing shades, make sure that you consider how it operates so that it doesn’t interfere in the way of the curtains.

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