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What are the Main Types of Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops are one of the popular choices for home improvement and commercial establishments. They are the first choice for their timeless beauty and resistance to heat and scratches. Today we talk about the variety of granite on the market, their colors, and a brief description. So, this idea will give us a firmer decision about which type of granite is best suited to our preference for kitchen countertops.

Granite is a great material for countertops, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or home bar. It’s incredibly durable. So, you can put hot pots and pans in it, pour wine over it without straining it, and you can even skip the cutting board. You must have some knowledge about granite while buying it. Read some basic information about granite colors. 

What is granite?

Granite is technically intrusive igneous rocks defined by small patches of various minerals with some veining. Intrusive means that they had cooled under the earth’s crust and were already solid when they came out. So, the real reason they have more open crystal structures is that the cooling process is gradual.

Granite is much more affordable and it can be installed by professional installers as well as being a do-it-yourself project. It also won’t take up as much of your budget because it’s a solid stone. Although quartz countertops may seem like an extravagant and unnecessary expense, they can end up saving you money in the long run.

Mineral components of granite and their colors:

Molten rocks, the origin of granite, are a mixture of various minerals with specific colors. On average, the mineral composition of granite is as follows: 5-15% mica, 20-60% quartz, and 10-65% feldspar. So, the blend of these crystals gives the granite its rich color and texture.

Types of granite countertop colors:

Of course, the color of the granites ranges from black, white, gray, red, green, blue, brown, and yellowish-brown to gold. However, the popular ones on the market are white, black-brown, gold, and gray granite. Every type of granite has an alluring look and unique properties. Furthermore, you can buy granite countertops in different colors online. 

  1. White granite countertops
  2. Ancient White Granite
  3. Moon white granite
  4. White River Granite
  5. Black granite countertops
  6. Uba granite
  7. Brown and gold granite countertops
  8. Black galaxy granite
  9. Baltic brown granite
  10. Gray granite countertops
  11. Steel gray granite
  12. New Caledonia granite

White granite countertops:

Unlike quartz, white granites are not smooth and a solid white because they contain veins of other colors and parts of a darker tone. So, this type mainly consists of white and creamy white quartz. Looking at its design and color, it would seem how artistic nature is. Likewise, you will also see small patches of black or dark green veins. there are many colors variation in white granite countertops like Alaska white, Alps white, Colonial white, etc. 

Ancient White Granite:

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a strong, classic vibe. The natural mix of red and brown spots and blotches gives it a nice look. Its overall appearance is a soft white-gray color with patches of pink and brown.

Moon white granite:

This has a finer grain of mixed colors with a swirl around the surface. Typical color combinations you can see are gray, ivory, silver, and black tone flecks. So, the wide variety of colors and fine grain gives it that modern and elegant vibe.

White River Granite:

This granite comes from India. Its main white history is flowered with red spots and dark gray veins. It is also a similar mixture of gray, blue, and whitish spots on its surface. Overall, it gives a more vibrant white look to kitchen countertops

Black granite countertops:

The main mineral components of this type are pyroxene and plagioclase. Provides excellent and outstanding contrast to other light colors in the kitchen and bathroom. So, it features a solid contrasting look for home remodeling.

Black granite countertops on the market are simpler to find, making them cheaper for most buyers. The usual black granite pricing is between $20-$70 for each square foot and ranges from black granite forest to black pearl granite and honed black granite and galaxy granite. 

Uba granite:

This guy is from Brazil. This one has many gray, gold, and green specs that randomly flow across the black background compared to other types. Hence, it contributes to the sparkling appearance of Uba Uba granite. So, it appears to represent the universe with tons of stars shining in the deep dark sky.

Black pearl granite:

This type has more depth and a soft tone with fewer specs and spots on the surface. If you want a rich, deep black style, this granite is the right choice. So, the typical specs you see on this are silver, green, gray, gold, and brown. For a solid black look, you can have this.

Black galaxy granite:

This guy has a better representation of what the galaxy looks like. Its rich black background is filled with fine gold grains and white dots. So, some plates on the market have grains larger than these grains if you want one. 

Brown and gold granite countertops:

For those looking for a more earthy tone, this type of granite is more suited to their preferences. The soft brown and gold color combination gives you ample opportunity to play around with home improvement projects.

Baltic brown granite:

The hallmark of this type is its “irregular” fracture of black and gray spots that appear as larger grains. Its background is brown, but the natural and variable areas of black and gray all over its surface are breathless. So, it goes perfectly with black appliances and wooden furniture in your kitchen and bathroom.

Gray granite countertops:

Like black and white granite countertops, gray countertops feature-complete elegance and depth that suit classic and contemporary designs. Its background is predominantly gray, with several fine specks of black, gold, and silver spots around the surface.

Gray granite countertops

Various cabinet kinds and colors look well with grey stone. We love a two-tone grey effect in particular, but pure white wood, and even classic wood tones, may create a wonderful contrast.

Steel gray granite:

This type has a deeper and richer dark gray tone that hails from India. Like black granite, steel gray granite countertops provide a mysterious and contemporary vibe to your home and office remodel. It comes with larger patches of light gray and darker gray vein patches.

The grey granite of steel is a medium-range stone with grey, black, brown, and blues colors with sparkles of luminous grey all throughout. The modest pattern variation seems generally wavy. This pillar is carved in India and is quite constant in color and shipping movement.

New Caledonia granite:

This gray granite countertop has a better look with interchangeable shades of dark gray and light gray tones. So, you may also see random black streaks on the surface. Unlike steel gray, this type has a smoother size and movement of spots and grains on the surface.

Why do homeowners like granite countertops?

Granite is the most expensive countertop material available, but it also has the added advantage of durability and heat resistance. There’s no need to use glue or nails because granite can’t be punctured. This makes it the ideal choice for those who like the look of granite but don’t want to pay the price. Granite is the hardest naturally occurring surface in existence and it’s also resistant to a wide range of substances, including acid and alkali.


his article explained several types of granite colors. Different types and colors of granite countertops have their respective vibes and seek to contribute to your home and office renovation. It is wise to know what you want to have in your home improvement project first before finding the right material for it. I hope our guide will help you to find the best type of countertop.


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