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The Diet for Diabetic Patients

The effect of food on blood glucose is clear. In some foods the glucose level is higher than in others. An integral aspect of diabetes management is the awareness and amount of food to consume and a strategy to regulate blood glucose, which suits your lifestyle. Carbohydrates (carbs), proteins and fats are the three primary nutrients found in foods. Opt Diet plan for diabetic patient.

Carbons (carbs) Carbohydrates

Carbs in foods like cereals, berries, plants, dairy products and candy are starches, sugar and fibre. Blood glucose grows more quickly and more rapidly than any other food nutrient: proteins and fats. To regulate blood glucose is helpful to know which foods contain carbohydrates and the amount of carbohydrate in the meal. The choice of carbohydrates from safe sources such as vegetables , fruits and whole fibre grains is preferred to those from sources that contain added sugar, fat and salt.


Proteins are important to a healthy diet and can protect you against starvation. You don’t lift the glucose explicitly like carbohydrates. Using protein portion control to avoid weight gain. Protein helps insulin function better in people with Type 2 diabetes, so treating low blood sugar with protein shakes or blends might not be a good idea. The recommended treatment for low blood sugar is the use of 15 g * of glucose-containing fast acting carbs like juice, other sugar-sweetened drinks, glucose gel and tablets.


Fats, particularly healthy fats of fatty fish, nuts and seeds, are important for a balanced diet. They don’t increase blood glucose, but they’re high in calories and can increase weight.

In order to align the diet with all three nutrients.

Making healthier choices for food

Your eater or trainer on diabetes will help you build a food plan that suits your lifestyles and is right for you. Good diabetes food for the entire family is safe.

  • Here are several balanced eating guidelines:
  • Enjoy daily meals in the right amount. You will help the health care provider learn to make healthier food decisions and portion sizes.
  • Eat in acceptable portion sizes diverse foods rich in nutrients, including healthy fats, lean meats or proteins, whole grains and low-fat milk.
  • Choose as often as possible fibre-rich foods such as bananas, fruit and vegetables and whole-grains.
  • Try meat alternatives like lens, bean or tofu.
  • Choose liquids without any calories like nasty tea , coffee or water.
  • Choose a supplement for sugar.
  • Select choices for lower salt.

Visualization of the scale of the food portion:

Your food choice and how much you consume depends on your levels of blood glucose. Your blood glucose will increase if you consume more than you need to. A strong sense of portion control is an essential ability to better regulate your diabetes. Fortunately, certain tools already exist — your hands.

If I have diabetes, what food and beverage can I limit?

Limit foods and beverages

High in saturated fat and trans fat fried food and other food

salt foods, also known as salt

Baked products, candy and ice cream Sweets

Added sugar drinks, such as juice, regular soda, regular sports and power beverages

Drink water rather than sweetened drinks. Consider your coffee or tea using a sugar substitute.

Drinking medium if you’re a woman or two drinks a day if you are a man, when you drink alcoholic beverages — no more than one drink every day. Alcohol will make your blood glucose level drop overly low when you use insulin or diabetes drugs that increase the insulin that your body produces. This is particularly true if you haven’t eaten for some time. If you drink alcohol, it’s better to eat some food.

If I have diabetes, what physical activities can I do?

Most physical activity will assist you with diabetes. Some practises can be dangerous for people such as visually disabled people or nerve damage to the feet. Ask your healthcare staff about the protection of your physical activity. Many people chose to go on their activities with friends or family members.

Every week you will get the most health benefits from various forms of physical activity. Mixing it also leads to reducing boredom and to reducing the chance. Test these physical exercise choices. Opt for Diet plan for cancer patients.

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