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Things to Know About Diamond Carat Size

If we put it, diamond carat means how much the diamond weighs. 200 milligrams make metric carats. Every carat is further divided into 100 points. This paves the way for the measurements to go to the hundredth decimal place. By its points, a jeweler may describe the weight of a diamond below one carat.

For instance, the jeweler may assign a diamond weighing 0.25 carats as a twenty-five-pointer. Those diamonds that are greater than one carat are often expressed in decimals and carats. As larger diamonds are rare and more desirable, diamond price increases with diamond carat weight.

But the price of a diamond also depends on other factors like cut, color, clarity. Due to this, there are chances that two diamonds of equal carat weight can have different values and prices. Consequently, you need to know that a diamond’s value is determined using all the 4cs as you know what carat means. Here are some of the things to know about diamond carat size and 2 carat diamond ring cost.

Which diamond carat size to opt for?

One of the biggest decisions is what carat diamond to purchase when picking out the jewelry. For this, you need to balance your style, budget, and expectations carefully. Everyone needs to learn how carat impacts the diamond sizes and budgets for rings, pendants, earrings, and whatnot. No need to worry if you have a small budget as there is an alternative for you also.

Diamond carat for engagement rings 

With the reality of diamond prices, expectations about carat weight are often at odds for an engagement ring. Even rings with small diamonds can be rich and sparkly, so consider your options carefully. It can be stimulating for some people to tell the difference between the small changes in carat.

Some engagement ring settings can make smaller diamonds even look larger but the ring setting will cost you money. A simple solitaire ring would cost you around $250. If you opt for a pave band or halo setting, it would cost you about $1000. The three-stone settings cost around $1500. It’sIt’s best to pick an engagement ring setting before finding your diamond, as more intricate designs and additional accent diamonds and gemstones will increase the ring’s price.

Besides the above-mentioned things, consider different diamond shapes. These days, fancy shapes are becoming more popular but not as popular as the traditional round one. Many diamond cuts are very sparkly even now. At the same carat weight, fancy shapes can be 20-40% cheaper than round ones.

Different carat sizes 

One should never forget that a diamond’s weight is measured by its carat and not its dimensions and size. With the help of carat weight, you can get an idea of the size of a round diamond. Here is the estimate of sizes for diamonds of different diamond carat weights to other popular shapes.

0.10- 0.40 carat diamond 

You’llYou’ll probably look at diamonds under 0.50 carats for a diamond budget under $1000. The round diamonds can be incredibly sparkly in the range under 5 mm across. You can find the largest diamond choosing low clarity and color grades, and at this weight, it will be less likely to impact its beauty.

You can have beautiful, simple, and understated rings with very small diamonds of 0.10 cts. This might be all you are looking for if you are bent upon minimalist style. A little bit larger diamonds than this also make an elegant choice for an engagement ring.

0.50 carats 

Many people out there opt for half-carat diamonds for their engagement rings. There are chances of you coming across a half-carat round diamond with great performance with a diamond budget of about $1000. Though halo settings are great for additional sparkle, a solitaire will also stand out.

0.70 carats 

Diamonds around 0.70 carats mark great engagement ring stones and are a sweet spot in the compromise between size and price. This will go with a diamond budget of around $2000 as it will be fine diamond weight.

0.90 carats

For all those people looking to save a one-carat diamond, a 0.90-carat diamond is a popular choice. People will never know it’s below one carat unless they measure the diamond. Many people have witnessed a small bump in the price of the diamonds as many customers are opting for 0.90 cts. For a well-cut round diamond weighing around 0.90 ct, you will need to spend somewhere around $3000-$4000.

1.00 carats 

The diamonds experience a price jump at 1.00 carat because it’s the most popular weight. For round diamonds, the price will be exceptionally high, and if you opt for fancy-shaped diamonds, then you’ll get the most savings. You can find a great one-carat diamond with a budget of $4500. You’ll also get the one at $3000 if you are ready to compromise a bit on color and clarity.

1.25 carats 

Usually, people overlook the diamonds above one carat as they seem oversized to them. When buyers realize they have a room in their budget, they opt for a larger carat size with more color and clarity. You can find around 1.25-carat diamonds with excellent performance with a diamond budget of about $6500. Besides this, you can get a great diamond with a lower color grade at $4000.

1.50 carats 

Diamonds weighing 1.50 carats look very large, and it is their sparkle that catches everyone’s attention. Without any doubt, such a diamond comes with a hefty price tag. Buying a 1.50-carat diamond will cost you around $9000. But a budget of $5500 could also work if you are willing to compromise on color.

2.00 carats 

Before buying a ring, make sure you know what you’re looking for. A 2.00-carat diamond will help you make a statement if you are looking for something big and noticeable. You need a budget of at least $16000 for a diamond with great sparkle. Contrary to this, a budget of $9000-$10,000 will get you a diamond for a colored gold setting if you are ready to compromise on color. This will also lead you to certain savings. Consequently, a 2 carat diamond ring will cost you around $16000.

Diamond size for studs

Diamond studs are sold according to the total carat weight. It means that you need to divide the weight in half to know the weight of the diamond on each ear. The most appropriate diamonds for studs are 0.30-0.50 ctw, 0.75 ctw, 1.00 ctw, 1.50 ctw, and 2.00 ctw.

Diamond size for pendants 

Since every person has different preferences and different neck sizes, choosing the size of a pendant is tricky. Try different sizes in store to see what you like if you buy a pendant for yourself. You may be able to save money by purchasing online if you fall in love with a larger diamond.

Make sure to look at other necklaces to get a sense of what carat diamond looks best and consider if it is an occasion gift if you are buying a diamond solitaire pendant as a gift. Mostly, people opt for 0.05-0.10 ctw, 0.25 ctw, 0.50 ctw, 0.75 and 1 carat diamond.

Final say 

All the factors, including the 2 carat diamond ring cost, must be considered before buying the diamond, be it for the engagement or wedding purpose. Alex and company deals with the best collection of jewelry for mens and women both. You can visit at or contact us to grab the best offers. I Hope this article on diamond carat size would be helpful for you.


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