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Tips for negotiating with NYC movers

The moving process is usually an expensive affair, especially in the city of NYC. But did you know that there are not only ways to make your move simple and but also more affordable? You should know that moving companies’ prices aren’t firmly established. So, this means that your move might not have to be as expensive as you initially thought if you learn these tips for negotiating with NYC movers. Try them out and see if you can get a better price from your movers.

Negotiating with NYC movers is not that hard

Before you start negotiating with NYC moving companies, there are several things that you should know:

  • you should’ve already made the decision that a DIY move is not for you
  • make a list of all the tasks that need to be done and services you’re going to need
  • know when you want to plan your relocation, as you’ll be able to use it when negotiating with NYC movers

After you give yourself these answers, you can try to influence the movers’ rates. And since these rates aren’t really firmly established, they won’t be really surprised when you try to do it.

A plan
When do you plan to move?

Should you even bother negotiating with NYC movers

Everyone wants to get a good price, that’s clear. But, even more so, remember that you want to get a quality service. And that can of service, you can only get from a professional and reliable company. You can ask your friends to recommend a good company and you should read reviews and find out more about the mover. Or, you can go now to usantini.com and see how a trustworthy company looks like. But, if you get a suspiciously low estimate from movers, you should consider this as a red flag, as this might be a sign that the company is fraudulent. That’s why before you even start negotiating with NYC movers, you should make sure that the company is worth it in the first place.

A woman can't decide between "yes" and "no"
Should you even bother?

Compare the estimates

Once you know that you’re dealing with reliable movers, you should get familiar with prices of this service. But, what if the price is simply too high? Then, before you even negotiate with these NYC movers, see what other companies have to offer. Companies offer different quotes, so you should get several estimates. Once you find out what the reasonable price seems to be, you can start negotiating, since now you will know what you want to achieve.

How you can use this to your advantage

Once you compare offers from a couple of moving companies, you’ll have more bargaining power. Companies are competitive, and they’d rather lower their price a bit, then lose a job and hand it over to the competition. Ask for an on-spot estimate, and get it in writing. If you do this, you can be sure that the final price will be close to the estimate.

Additional services

NYC movers offer certain additional services. But, the reason why these can be tricky is that there are, of course, fees and charges related to these additional services. So, in order to successfully negotiate with NYC moving companies, you should clear this out.

  • Do you need some additional services? If you don’t really need any kind of additional services, you can use it to your advantage. If these services are included in the price, try to lower the price. After all, the company will have less work to do, and won’t spend time doing it. On the other side, if you’re going with the full-service package, as the company will get more money, it’s also a reason to try to negotiate a better price.
  • Are you going to pack your belongings? You can suggest packing your belongings together if the company agrees. For example, you can pack some items, while leaving specialty items to the company. And this can be one of the ways to lower the price.
  • What about the unexpected expenses? Some NYC movers use unexpected fees as a way to charge you extra. So, unless you want to be surprised, you should get this out of the way as soon as possible. Ask how and if they charge disassembling and assembling the furniture, or loading and unloading. Let them know about the staircase you have in your old or new home, and the distance, check where they’ll be able to park their truck.

Have fun with it!

Trying too hard to get a good deal from NYC movers might become counterproductive and some point. Remember, you’re doing all of this, so you can live a better life afterward. If you forget, try to remember the benefits of moving to a new city. and other positive aspects. And remember, that if you try to get a good deal, there’s nothing to lose. And then, it might be easier to have some fun when negotiating with NYC movers.

Consider moving off-season

If you think about all the things you need to unpack and doing it in a cold house doesn’t seem like the best thing to do, you might want to rethink it. The reason why moving off-season is something to consider is that most movers offer discounts during winter months and workdays. Moving companies don’t have that much job during this period of time, so they’ll be more willing to negotiate.

A truck in winter.
Moving off-season might be a good idea.

Time to negotiate with NYC movers

When negotiating, you can mention the estimate you got from their competition.  You can give them your bid and see if they’re going to outbid the competition of they’re going to price-match.

Final tip – know what’s really important

It’s great if you’re able to get a good price when negotiating with NYC movers. But, keep in mind what’s really important, and it’s the quality of the service. First, make sure that you’re dealing with a good, reliable company. You do not want to risk losing your belongings for the sake of an allegedly good deal. Be smart, weigh the pros and cons, and make the right decision.

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