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Tips to Moving Out from a Rental Property in Bangalore

It is very easy to pack and move your house with the help of professional packers and movers in Bangalore. But, when it comes to shift from one rental property to another then it’s becomes a difficult task. There are so many things that a person has to do to move out from a rental property in Bangalore. Let’s see how you can move out from a rental property and have safe and smooth relocation in Bangalore.

Give proper notice

State laws say that neither the tenant can move out from a rental property without giving notice not the landlord can do so forcefully with his tenants, until there’s not a solid reason behind this. So, while moving out from the property you should notify your landlord that you are relocating. A 30 days’ notice in writing is a standard procedure in Bangalore. So, give notice to your landlord so that he can find new tenant for his rental property.

Clean before you leave

Most landlords deduct cleaning cost from your security deposit. If you want the full amount of your security deposit then make sure you have cleaned the property properly before moving out.

Clear all remaining rents

Unpaid rents are the main reason why amount of security deposit withheld by the landlords. So, before leaving the house makes sure you have paid all your rents and have no unpaid dues.

Make repairs

This is another reason why renters not get their security deposit, because landlords deduct the amount to cover all the repair costs. Well, it’s his right to keep the security deposit and cover any financial loss occurred during the tenancy. If you will fix all the repair issues then your security deposit will be refunded to you.

Find a home

If you haven’t find a place to live in the new location then start finding it immediately, because you will be given only 30 days to move out from the property. If you already have a house then start decorating or renovating it.

Get your rental deposit back

When you rent a property then, you have to paid one month’s rent as the security and as long as the house is in the good condition, you should get your deposit back without any problems. The landlord can deduct the maintenance cost from your security deposit. Another thing that landlords do with the security deposit is adjusting it in the last month’s rent. This means you don’t need to pay for the last month.

We know how difficult is to move out from a rental property, because when you find a home you can’t wait for 30 days to shift in. and without giving that much notice period you cannot move out from the property. So, it is a tough decision for any person to relocate from a rental property to another rental property. But, the above-mentioned tips will help you to prepare to move out from a rental unit in Bangalore.

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