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Top 10 Must-Have Mobile Phone Accessories in 2022

Top 10 Must-Have Mobile Phone Accessories in 2022

Buying a smartphone in 2022 can be pretty expensive. The average smartphone sells for a few hundred dollars, and it’s not uncommon for some people to pay well over $1,000 for one.

If you pay anywhere close to that for a smartphone, you might be tempted to scale back on the number of mobile phone accessories that you buy. It’s an easy way to save a few bucks while still getting your hands on the latest smartphone.

But if you don’t have the right smartphone accessories handy, you might not be able to use your phone to its full potential. You might also put your phone at risk if you aren’t equipped with the right cell phone accessories.

You don’t necessarily need to buy all of the mobile phone accessories that you’ll find in cell phone accessory stores. But you should do your best to invest in at least a few of them.

Here are ten mobile phone accessories that you should have on hand at all times in 2022.

1. Case

In recent years, surveys have shown that the average person drops their smartphone about four times per week. They’ve also shown that about 30% of people have cracks in their smartphone screens because of this.

If you’re going to spend a pretty penny on a smartphone, it’s important for you to provide it with all the protection that it needs. It’s why you should stick it into a case almost as soon as you take it out of its box.

The last thing that you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone only to have it break because you didn’t protect it. Of all the mobile phone accessories on this list, a case is the most important one of the bunch.

2. Screen Protector

As we just alluded to, the screens on smartphones are always under attack. Although these screens have become a lot stronger and more durable over the years, they can still break pretty easily if you drop your phone.

For this reason, you should put a screen protector on your mobile phone right after you’re done putting a case on it. A screen protector should decrease the chances of your smartphone screen cracking while also helping to keep it clean.

Most screen protectors only cost a few dollars at most. But they’ll prove to be well worth it thanks to all the protection that you’ll get out of them.

3. Chargers

When you first buy a smartphone, it’ll come with a charger. You can use this charger to charge your phone up for the first time, and you can continue to use it over time to keep your phone charged.

That being said, most people need to have more than one smartphone charger to survive. They need one for their bedroom, another one for their living room, a third one for their office, and so on and so forth.

You should try to snatch up as many chargers for your phone as you can. You’re going to constantly be moving chargers around and even losing them, which is why it never hurts to have a spare charger (or two!) around.

4. Portable Power Bank

Is there anything worse than walking around with one of the latest smartphones and having the battery in it die on you? Even if you have one of these amazing Boost Mobile devices, it’s not going to do you much good without a full charge.

You should try to get into the habit of walking around with a portable power bank in your back pocket. A power bank like this will be small and easy to carry around, and it’ll provide your phone with juice when it needs it most.

5. Headphones

As you make your way around throughout the course of a day, you’re going to want to have a pair of headphones that you can use to listen to things on your phone. You can use headphones to:

  • Make and take phone calls
  • Listen to your incoming text messages and emails
  • Watch your favorite TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, etc.

Most smartphones will come with a very basic pair of headphones. But you should think about upgrading to a Bluetooth-capable pair of headphones that you can sync up with your phone whenever you would like to do it.

6. Bluetooth Speaker

These days, it’s so easy to stream a wide range of music right through a smartphone. You can download one of the many music streaming services that are out there and listen to almost anything that you’re in the mood for.

You can, of course, listen to music through a pair of headphones if you want. But you can also pick up a Bluetooth speaker that you can use to play music off your phone with.

Bluetooth speakers used to cost hundreds of dollars. But nowadays, you should be able to find plenty of budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers that will sound amazing when you turn them up.

7. Stand

If you’re like most people, your smartphone isn’t going to leave your hands very much throughout a normal day. Surveys have shown that the average person checks their phone about 100 times per day — with some people doing it way more often than that!

You should know that you don’t have to keep your phone in your hands all the time to check it, though. You can also invest in a smartphone stand that you can keep on your desk at work so that your phone is always easy to see.

You can also use a stand like this when you’re using your phone to watch TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, etc.

8. Mount

Are you the type of person who is always using your smartphone to get directions when you’re driving around in your car? Well, you should avoid getting distracted while doing this at all costs.

One way to stop your phone from serving as a distraction in the car is by picking up a mount for it. You can mount your smartphone in your car so that you can see it without it forcing you to take your eyes too far off the road.

If nothing else, you should look for a mount that you can put right into the cupholder in your car. It’ll keep your smartphone in a safe place so that it’s not sliding all around and creating an unnecessary distraction in your vehicle.

9. Stylus

If you have a smartphone that’s on the smaller side, you might not be able to put a stylus to good use while you’re on it. But if your smartphone has a screen that’s on the larger side, you might want to buy a stylus so that you can draw on it, navigate around on it, etc.

Most people usually associate a stylus with a tablet. But it’s worth noting that you should be able to find a stylus that will work great with your smartphone.

You’ll find that you’ll be able to do even more things on your smartphone than you already do when you have a stylus handy. You should also be able to take your stylus and use it on other devices that have screens as well.

10. Controller

Almost 230 million Americans admit to playing video games on a regular basis these days. This number is so high in large part because of all the people who play video games on their phones.

If you’re someone who likes to play video games on your phone, you should know that there are special gaming controllers designed specifically for smartphones. You can actually stick your phone right in the middle of these controllers so that you can play the games that you want.

There are lots of video games that you can play on your phone without the use of a controller. But there are also some games that will be way more fun when you have a controller that you can utilize to play them.

Buy Some of These Mobile Phone Accessories Today

Most people don’t need to buy every single smartphone accessory that appears on this list. If, for example, you’re not a big gamer, you can get away with not buying a controller for your smartphone.

But you should try to purchase at least a few of these mobile phone accessories. They’ll help you enjoy your smartphone even more than you already do. They’ll also keep your smartphone safe and secure and allow you to protect your investment.

Would you like to read more articles about smartphones and the mobile phone accessories that you can buy for them? Find them by poking around on the rest of our blog.

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