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Top 15 Amazon Work From Home Jobs

The sheer variety and types of jobs available for people have increased exponentially over the past two decades and remote work from home jobs are one such example. Especially over the last five years, remote positions have grown rapidly especially in multinational corporations and global corporations. One such corporation that has started to provide jobs that enable workers to work from home as a way to increase flexibility for the workforce is Amazon. 

Amazon jobs are a way for the corporation to focus on their technological innovation and productivity which they are global leaders of. These remote work-from-home jobs have been analyzed by Amazon to provide unique benefits that will help the company reach its goals even before the pandemic had struck the world. Due to the pandemic amazon started hiring and shifting their existing workers to work from home built in remote facilities to ensure their worker’s safety. 

Due to the pandemic and the aftermath of it more and more jobs will be remote in nature for amazon as the number of sales has still continued to rise. To match the rising number of sales, Amazon jobs have been increased, specifically remote jobs. Amazon jobs are always on the lists of the most coveted places to work at and this rings true for even the remote jobs that they offer. 

While the remote jobs will not involve working at an Amazon warehouse the various positions offered in the amazon workforce will include responsibilities of: 

  • Dealing with prevention and resolution o customer complaints.
  • Create and manage programs around customer demands and products. This includes interacting or engaging with the customer remotely through the internet to help customers. This includes helping customers with problems relating to refunds, returns, late package delivery, damaged items, and so on. 
  • Designing and developing self-service features for the customer to use to solve their own queries and problems. These programs should facilitate self-service solutions and customer relations management. 
  • Providing customer support for the customers using Amazon’s various interfaces such as websites, apps as well as devices like Amazon Echo or Kindle tablets.

Now Amazon jobs may be providing flexible remote opportunities to job seekers but they also provide great benefits as well as providing a great work culture which is another reason for a job seeker to get an Amazon job. Amazon full-time jobs and part-time jobs provide these benefits to those working at amazon and those who work remotely also receive these benefits. 

Here are some of the benefits given to the remote employees: 

  • The worker gets different forms of medical coverage and insurance. This includes dental and vision coverage for any needs the worker might have. It also includes some pharmacy coverage with prescription drugs.
  • The workers will also receive retirement fund coverage or a 401k savings plan that Amazon will match. The long-term savings plan also offers various investment options for the employees to reach their financial goals. 
  • The employees get paid time off for vacations as well as holiday overtime pay. They will receive additional money on top of their regular earnings when they choose to work during the holidays. The employees are also provided with ample parental and maternal leave. 
  • The employee receives a standard discount for products and services provided by Amazon. 
  • The employees can become part-owners of the company through the granting and vesting of the restricted stock units of Amazon. 
  • The employees are provided a network of support, resources, and referrals for any personal or work-related problems that the employee might have. They are also provided with access to estate planning, financial counseling, and any helpful services in case of a life-threatening illness or death. 
  • Amazon also provides any adoption assistance that an employee might need including court costs, fees needed to pay the attorney, and expenses for travel. 

Now here are some great Amazon jobs available for employees to do from the comfort of their homes

AWS Partner trainer:

Amazon uses its own comprehensive computing platform and provides infrastructure services using it called Amazon web services. Trainers are employed by Amazon to instruct their new employees about AWS. This job needs a passion for technology, teaching, and self-sufficiency. 

Digital devices Associate:

This Amazon job requires a technology expert that is patient and a problem solver. This job involves provides technical support for the connected devices and services provided by Amazon. 

Customer Service Associate:

This job calls for an action-oriented flexible problem solver to provide customer service in a timely, accurate, and professional manner to Amazon customers. 

Executive Assistant:

This job requires keen attention to detail, the ability to switch between different important requests, the ability to meet deadlines set by Amazon, and great organizational skills. 

Benefits Support Specialist:

The employee will be tasked with owning and managing large complex problems, and engaging with stakeholders and cross-functional teams. 

Content Acquisition Manager:

The acquisition manager will harvest content from customers, solution architects, global customer delivery teams, and partners. They will capture, cleanse, assign, prioritize, review, assign content to Amazon web services online properties. 

Art Director:

The director will be in charge of creative ideation and design support for the creative art assets of Amazon. They will be in charge of programs providing guidance to audio and visual designer teams. This position pays extremely well and requires a technical design wizard.

Head of Business Development:

  The job entails delivering proof of concept projects, reference architecture, reusable artifacts, and leading implementation projects to aid some of the world’s largest public sector organizations in transforming their call centers. 

Corporate Recruiter:

The recruiter will be in charge of hiring for Amazon Warehouse Associates Jobs. The recruiters will have to take into account customer service skills, organizational skills, and client or account management skills. 

Technical Writer:

Amazon hires technical writers to grow their cloud-computing business and to make an impact in a growing market. The job will also document Amazon web services information and provide responses to customer inquiries.

Social Care Advocate:

The advocate will need to quickly build a rapport while providing excellent service regarding sales, technical solutions, and troubleshooting problems, The advocate will need an extraordinary sense of empathy and have active listening skills to provide an amazing customer service experience. 

Enterprise Finance Strategist:

This high-paying job has the responsibilities of guiding enterprising efforts and advising how the company can use technology to increase its business value.  The job is a part-finance strategy and partially advertisement-based.

Learning Specialist:

This specialist works with production assistants, area managers, and operations managers to coordinate all the associate. The focused learner required for this job will be constantly improving the long-term capabilities of the area to which they are assigned. 

Content and Communications Specialist:

The customer-focused communicator will create and maintain internal content and partner with stakeholders, agents, business leaders, and so on. 

Software Development Engineer:

They will be advocating for Amazon’s candidates, clarifying the various requirements, applying design patterns, documentation, development, testing, and operations. 


Job seekers must go through to get a job working from home from Amazon. These remote jobs are in very high demand. Amazon is expanding its workforce to increase the number of employees they have that work from home. Job seekers looking for a remote job need to pass through the interview process and a background check.  

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