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Top Destinations To Visit In Amsterdam

However, when it comes to one of the smallest counties in Europe, the Netherlands is the first to be named. But you would be surprised to know its capital, Amsterdam, has a whole lot of things and destinations worth visiting. It has a number of museums, galleries, theatres and a lot of entertainment venues. On the other hand, Amsterdam holds a very strong cultural significance ad well. So if you are planning your trip to Europe, we would suggest you explore Amsterdam this time. For your convenience, we have created a list of top destinations to visit in Amsterdam.

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Let’s find out what are the top attractions in the city for each one of us.

Anne Frank House

Well, this place or the house reminds you about the lives during WWII. Here Anne and her family hid during the war. The place has become one f the top destinations to visit for a reason. Anne Frank departed from the world at a very early age of 15. When she was receding here, she wrote a book that became a bestseller. 

The hose serves as one of the monuments of the city. It has been kt ad preserved in the same way as in Anne’s time. So, if you want to witness her life during the holocaust, you must book your entry ticket as soon as possible. Usually, the visitors do this before one or two months of visiting here. You can imagine now how demand in the place is.

Van Gogh Museum

As mentioned in the first section of this blog, museums are one of those things that make Amsterdam so attractive for tourists. And you are someone who wants to dive into the art and history of the city, or of Europe in a broader picture, you must visit here.

This is a place where you will find the most famous works of Van Gogh. You will not believe that the museum is the house to around 500 drawings, 200 paintings, and over 700 letters to and from his family and friends. 

The works of Van Gogh are broadly classified into two periods, the realistic and impressionistic. However, the world knows the museums for the collection of Van Gogh, but it has many artworks created by his contemporaries. Some of them include Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and  Paul Gauguin.


It is a perfect family destination. The park extends its boundaries over 120 acres f land. It has endless fun activities to explore. Some of the attractive parts of the park include sculptures and statues, different varieties of flowers, playgrounds. Apart from all this, one of the most attractive highlights of Amsterdam is the  Vondelpark Open Air Theater. Actually, it’s a venue where the producers introduce their music and songs. There are a lot of stages performances held at this venue. 

Moreover, being all-inclusive, the park also has several cafes and restaurants. So if you have come here for a day-long, but not prepared anything to bring and eat, you can sit in any of the cafes and restaurants.

Dam Square

You can say that all the tourist places in Amsterdam are on one side and Dam Square stands out alone. It is always packed with visitors. The destination is prominently known for the residence of the royal residence of a Dutch family. When you talk of today, there are many royal functions and events being held here throughout the here.  

On the other hand, it has several other tourist attractions in Amsterdam. Some of them include New Church, the National Memorial Statue, and the MadameTussauds museum. The world remembers  National Memorial Statue for the soldiers and army men who lost their lives during WWII.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

This destination actually serves as the residence to the king when he is in the city. This palace serves as a tourist attraction because of its monumental structure. The structure and the architecture of the palace are inspired by the same as in ancient Rome. 

Some of the attractions and things worth paying attention to inside the building include Treasurer’s room, fireplaces, the ceiling painting, the council hall. You also get an English-speaking guided tour if you want to opt for it. 

West Church

This church is famous for its Gothic structures and features. This destination is very near to the Anne Frank museum. Out of all the highest towers of the city, Langer Jan is the tallest one. And this stands in the property of West Church. Also, the place is known for the burial of Rembrandt. 

However, the above-mentioned places were some of the best attractions of Amsterdam. But the list should not have stopped here. There are many more places to be included. But, you can begin your trip by touching all of these attractions first. Then, you must move on to all the other destinations if you have more time to explore. 

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See, Amsterdam holds a very strong cultural significance ad well. So if you are planning your trip to Europe, we would suggest you explore Amsterdam this time. For your convenience, we have created a list of top destinations to visit in Amsterdam.

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