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What Causes Charley Horses At Night?

What Causes Charley Horses At Night?

Charley horses catch you off guard and set off all the pain receptors in your body.

A charley horse is a spontaneous muscle spasm in your calf muscle. This severe muscle pain in the leg quickly passes and leaves it feeling sore.

It is common to experience muscle spasms at night, but they can occur anytime.

You will not be able to predict when a charley horse is about to happen when you are fast asleep. So consider learning what causes Charley horses at night as a preventative measure.

It is easy to address the causes, so no drastic life changes have to be made.

And although muscle spasms are inconvenient, they do not happen often. Let us discuss some common causes of muscle spasms.


A charley horse is a sign that you need to drink more water. Water is like WD-40 for the body.

Water keeps your muscles lubricated, so daily activities are not a struggle for you.

The more water you drink, your muscles get more agile, and you are less likely to get muscle cramps. But your muscles get fatigued if you do not drink enough water.

Your calf muscles are the first to turn on you because they are the most active.

Drink at least a gallon of water daily to keep the Charley horses away. And experience the many benefits of drinking water that affect more than your calves.

Tight Muscles

Repetitive motions with little variations cause stiff muscles. And with the new work-from-home culture, you are losing opportunities to move your body.

Lack of movement is a disaster for your muscles and can create mobility issues.

A charley horse will creep up on you as a reminder that you need to stretch your legs. Yoga is a great activity that gently stretches the legs and body.

Getting a Swedish massage also helps to loosen up those muscles.


There is a balance between working out your muscles and letting them rest. Putting too much pressure on your muscles can cause muscle contractions.

Getting a muscle spasm in your leg is a sign that you need to be gentle with your body.

Consider restorative exercises to bring your calves some relief. And taking an ice bath is a great way to soothe an overextended muscle.

How to Soothe a Muscle Spasm

It can be hard to soothe a Charley horse amid all the pain. But there are some practical ways to bring immediate relief to your calves.

Lightly massaging your calves helps to ease some of the tension. Add to your massage some CBD for muscle spasms for a muscle-relaxing effect.

What Causes Charley Horses at Night?

It can feel like Charley horses are like UFOs only coming around at night to creep you out. But learning what causes Charley horses at night helps to demystify the occurrence.

Visit the Health and Fitness section to learn about muscle recovery techniques.

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