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What is the AIP diet?

For a long time, I associated that I had a certain structure with the thyroid problem that depended on my own exploration and manifestations such as dry skin, periodic exhaustion, problems getting in shape after having a child and hair loss, however, I was always unable to find regular test solutions that showed that my thyroid hormones T3 and T4 were in the typical range.

Fortunately, I found an amazing specialist who has some experience in hormones and endocrine problems and with additional blood tests and an ultrasound of the thyroid, I had the option of finally making sense of what I was struggling with: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (a system condition immunological) where the body produces antibodies against the thyroid).

The Paleo Autoimmune Diet (AIP) is obtained from the Paleolithic diet.

The paleolithic feeding routine, known today as the avant-garde Paleo diet, began from the thoughts of a gastroenterologist in 1975, Dr. Walter Voegtlin. Later, in 1985, Dr. Boyd Eaton composed a logical article on paleolithic sustenance, distributed in the New England Journal of Medicine. However, the diet has been well known to Dr. Loren Cordain, creator of the Paleo Movement, in 2002.

In case you have an immune system disease, your human services specialist, almost certainly, has prescribed you to make some changes in the feeding routine. Some would even suggest following the Paleo diet. Be that as it may, even within the Paleo diet, there are some alterations that can make you wonder, which one you really need.

The Immune System Protocol, or AIP Diet Plan, is a rare type of the Paleo diet that explicitly targets immune system infections. Although the Paleo diet is from now on a significant prohibitive diet, it has been resolved that certain Paleo foods, however, can cause aggravation in our bodies and be a reason for some diseases of the immune system.


A total end of these nutrients will allow our body to recover and feel much better and more beneficial. Today we share the fundamentals of the AIP diet, such as tips and tricks to manage the AIP lifestyle!

Intestinal well-being has been going in and out of the open zeitgeist for quite some time, however, immune system infections, defective guts, and paleo food abstentions have increased significantly over the past hundred years.

The AIP diet is, to a certain extent, a new way of treating the treatment of immune system diseases and highlights the decrease in the pressure it exerts on your intestine, which allows you to recover before reintroducing provocative foods (more on that in a piece).

The AIP diet is not about calorie reduction; It focuses on eliminating certain types of food that are related to intestinal well-being.

The intestine is regularly considered the “portal to well-being”, such a significant number of specialists accept that your intestinal divisor can really cause side effects in all areas!

At the age of 38:

At only 38 years of age, Sandra Dorst was determined to have an antisintetase disorder, a rare condition of the immune system that influences connective tissue. A couple of years after its conclusion, he had made significant walks in regards to his well-being due to the help of the current medication.

But he still remained with manifestations of paralyzing immune system diseases such as agony, weakness, and fog Mental joint every day. At the time he finally decided to evaluate the AIP diet, or the immune system convention, it had an immense effect on his life.

For those with an immune system disease, monitor the side effects and feel again how you can be a test. Medicines can go from stubborn drugs that are unsustainable to surgeries and long-term lifestyle changes.

Autoimmune Protocol:

The AIP diet, or Autoimmune Protocol, is a diet designed to provide relief to people suffering from diseases of the immune system. The diet is used to help recover certain fire problems activated in the stomach-related frame.

At the moment when the body has a reaction of the immune system, the body’s insusceptible framework begins to attack itself, since it cannot differentiate between its own healthy cells and tissues and an external or attacking body. There are many immune system problems, such as inflammation of the rheumatoid joint, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease.

How AIP diet can help me from inflammation?

It keeps your digestion faster than ever. The diet helps to treat leaky gut which can be helpful for your immune system.

Before you start this diet, you have to cut down all those food which are unhealthy. To develop for the rest of their life. I would suggest you follow as much you can.

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