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What is the benefit of doing b.ed from a good college?

B.ed College

The college has an infrastructure comprising of classrooms equipped with AV aids that provide real learning. The AC seminar & conference halls provide the perfect learning atmosphere to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut .

VGI has equipped its classrooms with smart class & smart boards to impart excellent teaching. The library with over 3000 books & e resources enriches student’s knowledge to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.

The wi-fi enabled computing lab has the latest software & hardware that enriches the learning process. VGI has created a demo room where students practice & refine their presentation skills to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.


The lush green campus on the Delhi Meerut bypass provides the ideal atmosphere for learning.

VGI has carefully recruited its faculty. They have years of experience that help to impart key skills to our students. The faculty encourages them to discuss topics in the class that lead to conceptual understanding.

Majority of our faculty members are doctorates who impart research based teaching to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.

They take part in FDP to up skill their knowledge & enrich the learning process.

In order to make our students’ job ready, an internship is part of the curriculum. An internship covers the vacuum between theory & practice. VGI has partnered with leading schools for the internship of its students. Through hands on exposure, students learn key skills that are crucial for getting a job.

Our Curriculum

Most of our students get placed during internship to make us the best B.ed colleges in Uttar Pradesh .

Over the years, the need for soft skills training has increased. One survey has pointed out that people with soft skills perform better than others. Our soft skills trainers sharpen the communication & interpersonal skills of the students.

Students practice to communicate in person & groups, thus refining their personality to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.

The teaching method at VGI is unique.

We teach through role plays, case study & presentations that leads to conceptual understanding. Students take part in the learning process & learn through experiential learning to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.

learning process

Through case studies, we discuss actual scenarios & students give solutions based on their knowledge. This way, they take part in the learning process & internalize the concepts.

Gone are the days when teaching was a one-sided affair with the lecturer delivering the lecture & the students taking the notes? Now is the time of experiential learning. They involve students in the learning process through model making, presentations, & projects. This way, they grasp the concepts & become confident teachers.

One important learning pursuit is presentation. We divide students into groups & give them topics to be presented in the class. Students prepare the topics thoroughly as they have to present it before the class. This way they understand the concept & while presenting they improve upon their presentation & communication skills so crucial for teaching. VGI, through its demo room, trains them efficiently to be called the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.


We impart learning through projects. Students take part in projects & prepare reports highlighting their achievements. While presenting their case, they develop presentation & critical thinking the most in demand skills. By adopting innovative teaching practices, students not only gain academic knowledge but their overall skill development also happens.

Organizations want people who can think out of the box & provide solutions. With just theoretical knowledge, teachers would struggle to impart conceptual understanding to their students. Through simulation methods, we create actual situation & students find solution to them based on their understanding. This exercise helps them to visualize the challenges they might face & the solutions they can provide. VGI’s trained faculty ensures that they update the students on the latest skills to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.

VGI organizes cultural programs round the year for the overall development of the students. Students take part in dance & drama to showcase their talent & shun their inhibition. Fashion shows boost their confidence by reducing stage fear, making us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.

hostel with 24 hours security

We provide separate boys & girls’ hostel with 24 hours security to make our students comfortable. Cafeteria, gymnasium & the sports ground amuse the students & relieve their stress. The best B.ed colleges in Meerut provide the ideal atmosphere that enriches learning through experimentation & participation.

The Training & Placement cell works proactively for placing the students. We take them on visits where they interact with teachers & clarify their doubts. Through observation, they imbibe good teaching practices & mature as outstanding teachers. Through expert talks, they grasp the intricacies of teaching to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.

Our mentorship program helps students to catch all the tricks of efficient teaching. Our mentors guide them to be experts in their field.

career as a teacher

The B.ed degree prepares one for a challenging career as a teacher. There is an enormous demand for teachers owing to the impetus for education for all.

The NEP 2020 has highlighted the role of the teacher as primary in fostering learning. There is a craze in the rural areas to become teachers. With the Government regularly announcing the vacancies for teachers, the B.ed is the most sought after course. It opens up new opportunities for candidates both in private & the government sector.

Teaching is the most suitable profession for girls. It is time bound with limited working hours. After a few years of experience, one can apply for the post of Vice Principal & then can finally become a Principal.

The job of a teacher is sophisticated & noble. A teacher teaches all other professions. Most of the private schools release their vacancies in March before the start of the session. They pay their teachers well in order to attract the most talented.

 latest teaching aids

Private schools offer the latest teaching aids, like a smart class that fosters real learning. Teachers need to create an environment that helps to learn. Apart from delivering lectures, they should conduct exercises like case studies, questions & quizzes to measure the learning level. They have a responsibility to provide conceptual understanding. Once the concepts are clear, the child has learnt for life.

While teaching the Area & perimeter of a rectangle, they should explain why the formula for area & perimeter is such. Until & unless they make the students understand this concept, the children will not have understanding. Just telling the child to use the formula is not enough.

We as teachers need to explain why the area of a rectangle is length * breadth & why the perimeter is 2* (length + breadth). This way students will understand the difference between area & perimeter.

complete the syllabus

Teachers are in a hurry to complete the syllabus. They skip the importance of learning against that of marks. We need to impart learning for life by making the students understand the concepts which leads to excellence.

All these endeavors will help to improve the learning level of the students.

Our curriculum is industry ready. Our course committee updates the syllabus as per the needs of the industry. This allows us to train the students on the key skills, thus improving their chances of employment. The committee holds parlays with NCTE, NCERT & SCERT to teach what they require in the market. This initiative allows us to become the best B Ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.



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