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What is the Difference Between Cold Pressed and Refined Oil?

Refined Oils

During your last grocery shopping trip, you might have noticed numerous oils labelled as “Cold-Pressed.” It’s a fairly common notion that natural, organic cold pressed oils are inherently healthier than their processed counterparts. In reality, natural products already possess a reputation for being considerably healthier simply because they retain their natural ingredients and taste. Refined oils simply lose some of their health benefits while adding chemical additives which in most cases aren’t necessary. What’s more is that they can be harmful to your health. You’ll learn why here.


Natural Products

Let’s start with the benefit of choosing natural over chemical-free. In addition to being healthier, these products typically cost much less per pound! Natural products also supply the highest pharmaceutical grade levels of nutrition. This means they provide many vitamins and minerals your body needs for everyday function. One reason they’re so good for you is that they contain no synthetic chemicals or added hormones.


Cold- Pressed Groundnut Oils

Natural Peanut and Almond Oil Benefits

One of the main benefits of natural peanut oil is that it is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which can strengthen your heart and brain. Unprocessed peanuts contain only about half of that level. Refined oils, on the other hand, include trans-fatty acids that raise your bad cholesterol and raise your blood pressure. Natural peanut and almond oil benefits include lowering cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.


Cold- Pressed Groundnut Oils

Another one of the health benefits of raw nuts is that they’re packed with protein. Protein is one of the most important nutrients for building strong bones and muscles. However, the refined version of peanut and almond oil is lacking in protein. It’s because of this that cold- pressed groundnut oils are so beneficial to those trying to lose weight. They’re naturally low calorie and they provide the body with a high source of protein.


Refined or Cold Pressed Nuts

Refined or cold pressed nuts also lack lauric acid, another component that makes up a healthy vitamin. Many people aren’t aware that lauric acid is considered a “vitamin” by the USDA. This means that if you don’t eat raw nuts or drink raw juice you’re missing out on one of the most powerful vitamins available. You’ll find lauric acid in raw pumpkin seeds, tangerines, oranges, mangos, grapes and various other fruits. The best cold pressed nut oils include Shea butter, cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil.


Cold- Pressed Groundnut Oils

Difference Between Cold Pressed and Refined Oil

So, what is the difference between cold pressed and refined oil? First, cold pressed refers to unrefined, unprocessed oil from the nuts. Refined means that it has had chemical processes done to it to convert it into a more desirable form. One example is peanuts getting roasted. Once roasted they’re then made into peanut butter. For the benefit of those without a great deal of time on their hands, it’s usually advisable to go with cold pressed.


Nutrition from the Vegetable or Fruit

The next question to answer is what is the difference between cold pressed and refined oil? The benefit of cold pressed oil is that it contains more nutrients. Refined oil on the other hand is lower in nutrition because it has been processed and further treated to remove the topsoil, render out any aroma, and remove any color. You’ll get most of your nutrition from the vegetable or fruit part of the nut.


Refined Oil

Olive Oil and Canola Oil

When you’re cooking whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, meats, etc., don’t make the mistake of using cold or frozen oil. Use fresh cold pressed oil whenever possible. For cooking, choose light oils such as olive oil and canola oil. If you’re looking for more information on what is the difference between cold pressed and refined oil, visit the website below.

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