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What Style Of Hair Extension Boxes You Can Use To Exhibit Your Product?

Hair extension boxes are the best means to keep the extensions straight and tangle-free. if you are manufacturing hair extensions or you are a supplier of these products then you need some proper means to showcase them as well as efficiently deliver them to the end-user.

Packaging lay a significant role in promoting your items. Cosmetic products need special attention. Therefore, it is important to focus on the packaging. Just like other cosmetic products hair extensions need some alluring packaging also. The wonderful box with a unique design helps in seeking the attention of the consumers.

The hair extension manufacturer is now using a variety of boxes style to exhibit the hair extensions. Some boxes style that is in trend these as well as that are persuasive in the appeal is as follows.

Clip-on extension box with pull out drawer feature:

This is a suitable means to store and deliver hair extensions. It is a box that opens sideways as a drawer. The strikingly appealing box is best to bait the customer’s attention. The boxes are not tough and sturdy but also offer maximum safety to different types of hair extensions. The box is easy to use and when you open the box you find hair extensions elegantly lying in the box. the best thing is that the box is cost-effective and does not affect the overall cost of the inside product.

Lid gift packaging:

To give a hair extension a luxe appeal and alluring effect the lid boxes are the best option. The designers use the hard cardboard material to make the base ad lid of the box. these are big boxes, with high strength. This is known as valuable packaging that is robust and tough. Moreover, these don’t require fancy printing and available in minimalist design. The pro-grade boxes are plain and simple have stupendous appeal. These are best to gift to your fellow. Moreover, the premium quality box speaks to the quality of the products as well as help in giving the brand identity.

Long flap hair extension boxes:

The long flap or the hinged type box is an ideal option to pack the lesser strands of the hair. It is a horizontal box with a hinged style opening having magnetic closure. Moreover, these also come with flapped top opening. The custom hair extension packaging is best to use for personal use. It is very easy to use and is long-lasting. It means if the customer the hair extension in this type of box he doesn’t need some extra storage box rather the flap packaging as long life. Perhaps, one can always keep hair extensions in such packaging when not in use.

Hair extension packaging with windows:

Displaying hair extensions in window boxes is the best way to showcase this product. Moreover, it helps the consumer to know about the inside item without opening the box. The boxes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to cater to the multiple demands of the consumers. The boxes are alluring in characteristics and help the manufacturers to improve their sales of hair extensions. The window boxes are available in a wide array of designs and printing options. Some manufacturers use the plain plastic window while others use self-printed plastic window covers. All depend on the demand of consumers. These are cost-effective boxes that do not affect the overall cost of the product.

Rigid boxes:

The narrow rectangular boxes made with chipboard and cardboard material are tough. These are sturdy and available in plain design only having a logo of the company printed on the box. the simple yet elegant boxes are best to appeal to the customers. The rigid boxes for hair extensions add a luxe effect to the inside product.

Final thoughts:

Hair extension boxes are the best means to keep the hair extensions safe. We all know minor mishandling cause entangling of the hairs and make them useless. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to their packaging. While crafting these boxes, manufacturers have to do special care to make the exact size that is according to hair strands. The perfect shape, size, and design all play a vital role in making the product valuable and help in improving the sale of the product.

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