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When Does Window Cleaning Become a Disaster?

Window cleaning is very much a part of your house’s cleaning procedure just like any other part of it is! But why is it that you always take this part of cleaning very lightly? Don’t you know that an unclean and stained window can be the biggest eyesore in your home? And it’s because of this ignorance that you often commit some big window cleaning mistakes which eventually spoil your home’s beauty largely.

Some window cleaning mistakes that should best be avoided!

Not cleaning your windows regularly is probably a huge mistake that you do! Well, it deserves to be clean and tidy to complement the beauty of your home perfectly and even keep the indoors safe from germs and infections.  But apart from this, there are some drastic window cleaning mistakes that should be avoided at all costs if you want this area of your home to be clean and safe. 

Cleaning the windows by yourself

The biggest mistake you commit while cleaning the window is doing it all by yourself. No, we don’t mean the regular, daily cleaning task, but the ones that are required for a thorough tidying of the windows. If your windows are too dirty or stained or grimy, then it’s better to let the experts of window cleaning in Christchurch from PeakView Cleaning Services handle this task for you. They know the best tactics of cleaning such dirty windows easily and perfectly for you.

Using the wrong tools

If you aren’t using the right window cleaning tool, then it’s a mistake that has resentful results later. You just require a good scraper (to clean the grime if any), a microfiber cloth, a mild detergent liquid, and a wiper. Apart from these, if you are using hard substances to deal with the glass, then obviously your window is in danger of getting cracked or broken.

Using too powerful detergent

The detergent used for cleaning the windows, no matter how dirty it is, should be mild. If it consists of bleach or any other harsh chemical, it will ruin your window’s natural gleam and sparkle.

Not scraping the grime first 

If you aren’t scraping the grime stuck on the windows first, these will give you lots of trouble when the surface is wet. This would easily spread across the entire window and you’ll require hours to deal with it.

Not using safe ladders

Cleaning windows that are high up requires you to climb on tall ladders. And if you aren’t safeguarding the ladders by calling for help during this task or if the ladder isn’t strong, then this is another mistake that can harm you a lot.

Scraping or scrubbing too hard

We understand that the window of your home is too dirty and requires lots of force to clean it. But if you are roughly scraping and scrubbing the glass, it is going to destroy its shine and even the quality of it. That’s why keep in mind to use mild pressure or simply let the professionals handle such a dirty window.

These mistakes are the disasters of window cleaning which have the power to make your hard work go down the drain and even spoil the beauty of your house. Avoid them at all costs for a beautiful home with sparkling windows.

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