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5 Effective Ways for Picking up the Right Topic for Your Blog

Having no idea about what to write on a blog and how to come up with an engaging and cheesy topic can be pretty daunting. You may love the idea of blogging, but you aren’t sure of how to pitch the blog and what it must be about? You can even have a lot of ideas in your mind about blogging, but you are afraid to make a start! Isn’t it sounding way too familiar?

Writing a blog can be a bit stressful if you aren’t sure about the niche and the topic for which you want to write!

Well, if you are nodding your head then trust me, you are not alone in this battle. Even the expert bloggers sometimes become a victim of a writer’s block and are unable to pull off the best out of their skills. I agree blogging can be a bit hard in the beginning and even after getting professional with it, you can still face obstacles which become a reason for why people choose to switch careers to other writing careers like resume writing.


If we ever talk about blogging, what thoughts do you have in your mind?

Blogging is basically all about writing, photography, and other media that is published by an individual online on his own. This is not only a passion or hobby, but it is a proper fruitful career to secure a worthy skill for the upcoming digital world. This was once considered an opportunity, but now it has become an essential element of business websites.

If you are confused about how to pitch a start for the blogging then blow your worries off now! This comprehensive guide is going to take you through the steps to pitch your blogs rightly with a profitable topic as well. Read further to get to know more about it.

Expert writers will always advise you to follow your passion and craft a writing piece about the niche that you love and know deeply! This is definitely right because writing something for the field that you love is far easy rather than creating something about which you have no knowledge.

When you start writing, after some time you come across writer’s block. This is the condition of mind where you are unable to produce any new idea or even a single sentence. The expert CV consultants and writers from resume writing service believe this mind’s blockage is absolutely okay and normal! This also helps to develop newer ideas and creativity in work after a gap!


If you have chosen to blog as your career, then it is very important to write meaty and crispy content for your audience that could hook the people up!

Do you feel that writing engaging content is enough to drive traffic to your blog? No, this is not enough, you will lose your audience very quickly if you aren’t paying attention to the topics of the blogs.

The key to build a successful and satisfying blog is to find profitable and in-demand topics. Side by side, keep a keen eye on your interest and passion as well. Below are 5 tips with the help of which you can pick the right topic for your blogs. Let’s have a look.

  1. Look for your passion:

Blogging asks for huge efforts and inputs. If you go with something for which you aren’t passionate, your blog will never work out. So, be sure to go with the topics for which you are passionate to write. Also, this will provide you exposure, and you would slowly become a master at your favorite topics.

2.  Find the topics about which you love to talk:

Look out for the topics over which you love to talk. If artificial intelligence is your area of interest then go in for a long-length article about the related topic. Writing over your favorite topics can help your article to be interesting and satisfying for the audience. This will improve your overall traffic as well.

3. Keep a debate about the topic:

When the topic would be of your choice, you would automatically come up with a debate over the topic. Make sure that your information is authentic and genuine enough to steal the attention of the audience. This will also result in the growth of your blog. Choose a topic in which you could infuse your own experience as well.

4. Don’t ever go with something highly controversial:

As your blog will continue to grow, you will come across so many visitors who would either agree or disagree with you. So, make sure that your topic isn’t very controversial. Go with a topic that can attract a reader to learn something new. Being controversial can be a bit dangerous for your blog’s growth and engagement.

5. Enjoy research about your topic:

Try to find a topic about which you can conduct extensive researches. Enjoy the information available on the internet and in the books about your favorite topics. Also, this will help you to gain insights into several new concepts. You will get to know the choice of your audience and your blogs will keep for


With the help of the aforementioned 5 effective ways, you would be able to come up with some engaging and interactive blog topics. Remember the keynote, the topic of the blog needs to be very engaging and striking enough for the audience to elevate your blogs. So, by paying keen attention to these topic selection tips, your blog will surely grow its traffic!

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