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5 Major Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga Practice

If you are amongst those who practice yoga only to stay fit, you have a long way to go. This ancient art is the best way for you to unite your mind, body, and spirit. If you want to reap all the benefits of yoga beyond its physical aspects try practicing the Ashtanga vinyasa Yoga style.

In Sanskrit language, the word Ashtanga refers to the eight limbs of yogic practice. As per the Yoga Sutras compiled by Sage Patanjali, regular practice of this yoga style leads you to self-awakening and eventually liberation. Ashtanga yoga helps you develop as an individual on a mental and spiritual level by using a set of pre-defined body movements and breathing techniques.

With that said, yoga experts recommend you take up Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to reap the full benefits of this ancient art.

5 Benefits of the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Given below are the five major benefits of taking up Ashtanga yoga teacher training.

1. Improved Physical Strength

Practicing Ashtanga yoga requires good muscle strength. This yoga asana rejuvenates your body, mind, and helps you stay in control. For example, the opening series of Ashtanga yoga includes many yoga asanas that require good core and arm strength. In short, the Ashtanga yoga teacher training improves your stamina and endurance with developing stronger core muscles.

2. Develops Good Coordination

A major benefit of Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is it tunes your body. You develop better focus and concentration. The daily practice of Ashtanga vinyasa Yoga asanas improves your awareness of body movements and the flow of energy in your body.

3. Helps With Mental Healing

Ashtanga yoga practice synchronizes your body movements with the right breathing techniques. You should know that conscious breathing is an important part of the Ashtanga yoga teacher training schedule.

This conscious movement and breathing calm down your mind by relieving you of any stress and changing bad behavior. In other words, the Ashtanga yoga teacher training helps you move beyond the physical facet of yoga practice and dive deeper to achieve inner realization.

4. Best Cardio Workout

If you want to complete Ashtanga yoga teacher training to stay fit it is a great decision of treadmill workout. Ashtanga yoga helps you stay in shape with deep breathing and by increasing your heart rate. The different yoga asana sequences are done in a fast manner which gives you an intense feeling.

5. Helps In Spiritual Advancement

As Ashtanga yoga follows an eight-limbed path to self-realization and liberation, needless to say, it offers not just mental but spiritual benefits as well. The first four limbs of Ashtanga yoga clean your external and teach you how to interact with the world around you.

The other four limbs focus on cleaning the internal, withdrawal from senses, and how you can relate to your mind which helps you achieve mental clarity. What could be better than becoming a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher and helping others achieve this goal?


Ashtanga yoga is the best yoga style to help you unite your mind, body, and soul. Although you will face a lot of challenges and hurdles during the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh it is worth the effort.

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