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5 Steps for Becoming a Driving School Instructor

5 Steps for Becoming a Driving School Instructor

The top 10% of highest-paid driving instructors can earn a staggering $99,000, which shows that it is potentially a lucrative career.

Becoming a driving instructor lets you capitalize on your passion and help your students become confident on the roads. But it’s important to know how to become 100% certified so you can launch your career. Perhaps you’re currently in this position and you need advice on the topic.

Sounds like you? No worries; we’ve got your back! Here are five steps to becoming a driving school instructor.

1. Meet the Basic Requirements

As you browse driving school instructor jobs, you’ll realize that there are basic requirements to consider. You’ll need a valid driver’s license, high school diploma, and several years of relevant driving experience under your belt. And most schools ask for a basic health screening and vision test to ensure you’re safe on the road.

2. Decide What to Specialize In

The beauty of becoming a driving teacher is there are different areas to specialize in. For instance, you must choose whether to teach non-commercial or commercial vehicle driving. Note, the former includes standard cars, motorcycles, or light trucks while the other includes buses or trucks.

Once you decide, it’s easier to browse driving schools and find one that has the relevant training program.

3. Get Trained

All driving instructors must enroll in a program to receive their certificate. You can choose whether to complete an online or on-campus course and the duration will depend on your specialization. Generally, you’ll learn about your state’s highway laws and strategies for teaching your students, including how to create lesson plans.

Further, you must complete a specific number of driving hours, depending on your state. This will be overseen by a qualified instructor.

4. Apply for a Licence

Once you’ve completed driving school, you can apply for a license. This is when you’ll also submit your basic requirements to prove you’re eligible. Note, that many states will conduct a criminal background and driving record check for peace of mind.

When that has been confirmed, you’ll be granted your license to become a driving instructor.

5. Get Work Experience

As a driving instructor, you can choose whether to become an independent contractor or join an establishment. This includes driver-training schools, government agencies, or even a public school program.

If you’re planning to go solo, sign up on social media and build a website where customers can find you. It’s also important to connect with local organizations to find students and grow your business. Further, harness the power of digital marketing to raise brand awareness and prove you’re an industry expert.

Become a Driving School Instructor Today

Now, after reading this post, you’re ready to become a driving school instructor.

Before your venture, make sure you have the basic requirements and know what to specialize in. Once you’ve covered that, it’s easier to find a relevant school and program to bring your dream into a reality. Good luck.

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